Treyflip Help

Treyflips. I need tips. Sometimes I can get pretty close, but others I’m not even close. Sooo, can you help me out?

I learned treflip mounts first. Stand on the ground with the uni in front of you. then push the tire to get the flip going and do a 360 unispin mount and land with the cranks doing a rev. This helped me a lot to get the feel of them before I landed one.

wow. thanks that’s a really good idea. It helps with the landing I guess, which is what I think i’m having trouble with.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I did a crankflip mount before a crankflip but haven’t thought of doing it for anything else.

When I try tre flips I can’t keep the unicycle under me. I can easily get the flip and spin though. BTW I’m trying to land SI.

IMO landing SI is better, I landed the my first few treflips to sif but they got a lot more consistent and easier to do when I started landing them to SI.

Yeah, landing SI feels way easier and more natural to me. Landing SIF it’s even harder to keep the unicycle under you. I reckon committing will be one of the hardest parts of learning it lol.

can anybody explain how to do a crankflip mount? :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to land them sif. I can’t get my feet to find the pedals.:o

here’s some help Eli, :wink:

thanks, but I know what they look like. I was hoping for things more along the lines of how to do it. :sunglasses:

I get closer and closer every time I try these. I think I will get them today or tomorrow.

HELP! im keen to learn them

my problem is that i dont jump high enough i think…i seem to land kinda with my elbows on the seat nearly :thinking: il try jump higher tomorrow…

haha i gotta learn to check the dates. i was looking at it like Eli… treyflip…help? (scratches head) …OH! haha

Hahaha, I didn’t even notice until right now that this was my thread XD

The real secret, is to pump up your tire to 100 psi, loosen up the bearing clamps, and always find a steep hill to practice on… I am sure you will get it one of these days. :wink: