Treyflip-Complete frustration

So I’ve been trying nonstop for the past week to try and get treys consistant. I HATE THEM!

My 2nd 3rd and 4th were so easy. I landed them all in 5 minutes, good looking too.

I am getting really frustrated with myself. If I try and jump high, I don’t kick, if I try and kick, I don’t get height.

Plus, I’ve now noticed my hicks are inconsistant. What the crap!

I could really use some advice. What are the tricks you do to warm up for treyflips. What do you focus on. I NEED HELP!

Before I do a treflip in the beginning of my ride, I do a rolling 360 unispin … then I do a crankflip, then a treflip. Also … just commit!!! If I don’t commit, I just get discouraged later on…


sounds good to me, but treyflips are just commitment and flow…
just throw yourself on it, even if you rack yourself you’ll get the feeling of commitment.

just chill out, stay fly, and laaannddd iittttt.

Treys looks really cool even if you dont get the full crankflip. I cant land them but I like when it’s not landed perfectly, I think it looks cool:)

words of wisdom from justin kohse:

99% of this sport is mental, if you can’t land it then step back, cool down, get your head on straight, then nail it!

probably the best bit of advice i eva read!


Am I doing anything wrong. These are regular treyflips.