Treyflip comp.

i landed two first one with one hop after the landing (but it was to dark to see anything)
and second one without a hop after the landing the vid will come soon sorry for no slo mo dies anyone know how i can get vids into slo mo woth the moviemaker?

If this competition still is active im in :slight_smile:

BUMP im keen, any one else?

I would but I landed them like a week ago :slight_smile:

Lol, how many old posts have you taken up to ask about treyflips now? :slight_smile:

haha ummm 3? lol

If the comp starts over i’m definitely in.


Me too but I need to land a crankflip. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thats 3 people
Julia B

add your name if your in :smiley:

Julia B

I’m in for this - I only have like a week and a half to get it, though, before I go out of town for a while.

I can land 3-spins every time. My hickflips are still pretty inconsistent, but getting better. I haven’t even come close on treyflips yet. I can’t seem to jump high enough to get the seat back under me.

Doesn’t matter if they’re inconsistent… My hicks are very very inconsistent, but i can do treyflip!!

Sooo my crankflips are getting pretty alright, does anyone have tips for hickflips and treyflips?? I’ve only practiced a little but they seem completely different.

Learn to flip seat-out.

It took me forever to learn that, but once I got it I landed my first hickflip soon afterwards.

The key for me to flipping seat out was learning to make the flip happen with my back foot. You jump, pull the uni up against both your feet, and slide the back foot off the side of the pedal. It helps to start with the back foot only half way on the pedal. Because you’re seat-out, it doesn’t hurt to miss, so it’s easy to practice getting the flip and just plan to land your feet on the ground. When the flip gets consistent, then work on landing the feet on the pedals.

I’m getting pretty close. :slight_smile: I think I’ll get it this week.

nice! i havent even tried yet, been super crap weather

sounds dumb…but before i try something like that i do massive seat out no footers :smiley: landed hicks a while back and they helped, or at least good cause yu think ur doing good :smiley:

im like 5 mins of trying away from treys…was sooooo close the other day then got a puncture >.<

BUMP Still keen haha everyone still in??

i only did treys for a week on the 20 inch

ill be down for learning them on the 24inch!