Treyflip comp.

i just saw so much comps here and i think this comps motivate people to learn new tricks so i wanted to do one for the Treyflip.
1.must be on flat
2You must not have landed a hickflip before
3. must be 19" wheel or bigger
4. video proof needed
5. can be done with the seat fakie or normal
6. videos must be clear anoth to see the trick
7. the comp starts as soon as 3 people have entered
it would be nice if somebody could make the sig for the 1 ,2,3

I’ll play I’m too close!

2:You must not have landed a hickflip before

LOL, cant you have landed a hickflip before :roll_eyes:

oh sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

im in

nice then the comp starts

wait what? u do mean “cant have landed a treyflip before” right? if so im in.

yes it´s right i just made a mistake this is the comp for trey´s

im in

Ill have a bash. And just a question to people who can Trey Flip or are currently learning to Trey Flip… I always land hick flips seat out and unispins seat out…seatoutseatoutseaout! But I have searched trey flip threads and videos and it seems to be that normal people like me who land stuff seat out, seem to land trey flips seat in.

And most importantly to strengthen my point is that I was watching the video Koxx-One Flat Masters and and I notice the dude landed a Hickflip seat out, A Trey Flip seat in and a Fifth Flip seat out??? I’m fairly sure it was the same guy because I think it as all in the same clip.

Suggestions and Help please thanks.

they landed the hick and fifth flip with seat out becaus it´s easier to land spins wich you land with the seat fakie with seat out and if you land the spin with the seat normal like the 360 it´s easier to land it with seat in but that´s just my opinion

is anyone very close to treys

fulloutflips are possibles? i have landed today!

If I did a fulloutflip would it count? I’ve never trey’d or fulloutflipped, but I was just curious.

i landed the treyflip now but the vid comes towmorow

no sorry you must do a treyflip and is anybody here who could make the sigs?


)[COLOR=“Silver”]-Treyflip-( 1st

so heres the one for the first place i hope that it work because it´s the first one i ever did

)-Treyflip 1st

i think i have won the comp