yeah , now i landed my first treyflips:D:D
sry for the bad quality,its just converting

It’s private.

so, now it goes:D


Did you get them today, or yesterday?

I landed some for the first time yesterday.

Looks good,


for just an hour :roll_eyes:

the last one was super clean.

i love how you kind of jump then flip it.

Thx for the comments:D
a short video from ludwig and me doing treyflips

Ludwig edited it!!

felix, you sound so happy after your first treyflips:D:D

but also respect to ludwig that you learned them again.

yeah im really happy to learned them:D and now i can do them with 85% i think :roll_eyes:

you have too ride again ;):smiley:

The first one I couldn’t even tell what that was!

But congratulations. Treflips are such a great trick to learn!

Yeah i know its my mums digitalcamera and its not so good:D
thx for all your comments:D