Treydouble comp.

So yeah, there havn’t been many trick comps recently, and i’m trying treydubs… so let’s have a competition!

Standard Rules apply:
19" wheel or bigger
Must be on Flat ground
There must be video proof
You can not have landed a treydouble on flat before.

Can someone make trophies?

So, who’s in?

Im in :smiley:

i’m in too

i wanna get this started :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in.

sig trophies!

)–TreyDouble-'O, 1st

)--TreyDouble-'O, 1st

)–TreyDouble-'O, 2nd

)--TreyDouble-'O, 2nd

)–TreyDouble-'O, 3rd

)--TreyDouble-'O, 3rd


I’m surprised that all you guys can’t land a treydouble (yet) :astonished:

What if someone landed it down something?

Personally, i dont mind if people have done it down a drop. But othere people might have something to say about it?

BUMP, anyone got these yet?

i´m in

is it allowed to do it in-in?

probably won´t get that, but i am in.

:stuck_out_tongue: i totally forgot about this thread :smiley: i try to land it next week maybe before too :roll_eyes:

treysidetriple anybody ?

WTF? :stuck_out_tongue: nobody here have landed a treydouble and you are asking for a treysidetriple? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: