trey flip help!

hey, can anyone please give me some tips on a trey flip? any videos that could help?

shaun, or anybody, please make a video toturial!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I sent you a pm man, good luck.

-Shaun Johanneson

Here’s a video of a tree flip.

Oh wait, you said TREY FLIP.

Can you post what you PMed him? I have issues with treys, I have only tried a few times but tips would be nice.

same here

me too what did you pm. thanks bye

Treyflip help!

Hey man,

Ok let me break this down.

First: Know hickflips (WELL), You should know blind hickflips too. Make sure you are really feeling those tricks. Also know 3spins to seat in well.

Second: Kick the unicycle and spin it, see how much the flip goes around, learn how hard you have to kick it to get the cranks to flip around once, it will be alittle different when you start to actually stick over it.

Third: Time for the fun. Make sure you are not afraid of getting hurt, lol. Ride leaning over the seat, seat out in front of course, kinda slow, well really just get comfortable with your speed. You are going to ride and jump up and forward as you kick the pedals, now it’s just like a 3spin to seat in. but you are gapping out more, jumping alittle higher, and the cranks are flipping. It’s a lot of guts. Get to seat in, that’s the most importnat thing, if the pedals aren’t there, you can atleast have the best chance of landing it still.

Fourth: Changing some things around. You will adjust your body position for yourself, this is just my body position. Lean over, and spot the unicycle in front, like where it will be landing and jump there. LIke you are meeting it there, this should make the unicycle not shoot out in front of you, sticking over it, and jumping to the spot, both will help that a lot. Good luck. Adjust speed, and jump height, you’ll get it, remember to seat in, go for that.

-Shaun Johanneson

thats what he wrote, thanks alot man, im gonna get `em

really close now

why does it have to be to seat does it make it easier? because my seat is really high and i dont want to lower it so its hard to land a 360 seat in.

you probably dont have to land seat in.

Landing seat in is more flow… :stuck_out_tongue:

i see

have you landed it yet, kris?

no, pretty close, but i havent tried lately, the snow came here a few days ago, so:(

snow treyflips!

I have landed them… :stuck_out_tongue:

SICK!!!, Congrats, awesome trick to know. Do you go to seat in? If not i’ld like ot see it, i’ve never seen them go to seat out. haha. Oh well. Congrats again man.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Snow treyflips, nooo, lol, too cold.

I have gotten really close (like landing on the cranks then hopping and falling over) and I go to sif. I filmed some attempts, I will try to find it for you.

Here is a screen shot.

Are you asking me?? I’ve landed both, seat in and seat out.
But I’ve only got it to seat in on tape.

Never seen treyflips go seat out? Klas from sweden is doing one in this movie:

Edit* Oh, it’s “removed by the user”. :frowning: