TreFlip Comp

Tre Flip Competition


  1. The Tre Flip must me done rolling
  2. In order for you to put the trophy in your signature your TreFlip must be approved by those involved in the competition
  3. I think that some people that can already do tres should also approve the TreFlip

please give some information about yourself using this as a model

Name: Levi
Tricks: Hicks, Outs, 3spins, 5spins(kindasorta) and a bunch of crankflip variations
Unicycle: Qu-ax Isis with moments and cf base and twisted pc’s
Favorite Ice cream: Vanilla

the trophy will look like this=====>*)—TreFlip-'O,

copy this code into your signiture


good luck

This Competition Will Start in 5 hours

Name: Sam Haber
Tricks: You lookin for a good time?
Unicycle: K1
Additions info: I think 30 rock is a damn good show. 'specialy for NBC, man Tracey Morgan is one funny lunatic.

5 hours? What a weird time to start. I doubt I will get any riding time for this comp.

yeah i did that for marcus…he was complaining about how it always starts USA time…ill bet he wins to…

Didint he already land treflips?

did he? i didnt think so…if he did than idont care when we start?

I think its already night where he is anywho. Us USA eastcoasters only have like 3 hours left of light. If you are gonna do a start in (x) of time, it should be 24 hours. Or something of that nature.

oh shoot, im sorry…when would you like to start agentQ

Well now that we have worked this thread almost to page 2 already haha. I dont care when we start. Personaly the only time I will have is the next 2 hours. After that is will be family holiday stuff and work the rest the week. So I may go out and try and land it now. Tho that clearly isnt fair to the rest who want to compete. So dont worry about me. Just bad timing with schedule.

yeah sry man i think next time we should hold like a one week sign up so…i dont care

Name: Zachary
Tricks: Basic crankflip variations and stuff
Unicycle: Old Beast Qu-ax with 145mm cranks
Favorite Ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Its 21:01 here in england it will be about 01:00 here when the competition is ment to start. I have only ever landed one tre it was weird I had just landed a few hicks and I just thought I would give a tre a go and I landed it realy easy and cleanly. I havnt realy tried since because it was dark soon after I landed it. I guess this means I dont qualify for the competition although I bet I am a way off landing another. Its christmas tomorrow and my uni is in peices because Im changing some spokes out, wednesday I am planning on filming for my vid so I wont realy get a chance to practice for a few days. I will give it a try and see were Im at.

I wont have a chance to ride prolly untill next weekend so I had to go out and film it a bit early. I understand if you guys wanna disqualify me for not waiting. Otherwise It took me about 50 minutes so just land it in under 50 minutes from the time everyone starts. Good luck, happy holidays.


you win!

Wow that was fast…

hey everyone,

I know I’m too late, btw good job agentQ, anyways, I was wondering

what’s a treflip?

A 360 unispin with a crankflip

yeah its started man…people can keep on joining i guess

that was nice…i think you can take the sig

Anyone gettin close or what?

i got em, im just waitin for mi camera, pv-gs320 im pretty stoked…