Treck in unicycle in the white Cordillere, Peru

Hello, i send this message for all the unicylist who are looking for good place to ride.
I manage an ecoturism agency in Huaraz and i develop this year special trecking for unicyclist. Many options are possible, from half-day to 10 days trecking in the mountains. You will see the most beautiful landscape in Peru , and ride over 4600 m .
For more informations , you can contact me :
You can get more informations with the website, it will be in english very soon, and all the treck you can check on the site are adaptable for unicyclist…more sepcial one.
We can also adapt special circuit at your comment !!!
And for the addict of strong sensations i wil check if it s possible to go down from a summit (higher than 5600m).:slight_smile: with all the security possible.

Keep riding with good vibes

Mikael Blondy
Fuera de Ruta - viajes alternativos
Huaraz Peru

I Look forward to your english version.
Nice place.

The english of the website version and the unicycle pages will be present very soon,sorry for the delay!!

I mean; The english version of the website and the unicycle pages will be ready very soon,sorry for the delay!!
For the unicyle addict you will find all the kind of roads you wish, all the levels…

Very cool. Josh Craft and I have had our eye on that destination for a few years now. I look forward to seeing more photos or descriptions of the single tracks :slight_smile: