travels with a unicycle

hi de hi,
I’m starting a new job on sunday which will involve lots of travelling about the country, I’m going to be in a new town each week. And of course I shall be taking my unicycle with me. I’m eager to ride with some other people as there aren’t any other unicyclists I know of in my town so the only inspiration I get is from the internet and videos and stuff. So if anyone fancies meeting up for a bit of a ride at any point I’ll make a post each week saying where I’m going to be and if anyone fancies having a bit fo a ride then that would be mucho coolio. I’m going to be in Oxford for a few days from Sunday so if there are any unibikers lurking in oxford then let me know. Byeeee,

So…how long are you going to be in Oxford, Mississippi?


I thought he meant Oxford County, Ontario, Canada.

Britain…not the colonies

I should have been a bit clearer in my last post. It’s Britain I’m going to be gadding about in.

Re: Britain…not the colonies

sounds like the ideal guy to organise a Muni-Fox Hunt?


They don’t like it up 'em

what ho chaps and chappesses,
A Muni fox hunt, what a wizard idea. I shall start making the neccessary arrangements post haste. Keep your eyes open for the first annual cheshire hills, hounds and chaps on wheels hunt.
Brigadier boogiejuice signing out, roger wilko and out.

Re: They don’t like it up 'em

as long as u use a clown on a 16inch uni instead of a fox, i think this idea could go places

tally ho

either that, or have a drag hunt. They’re not cruel. Simply attach a good length of sturdy chord to a clown, and the other to a horse, and hey presto.
I wonder if we’d end up having mime hunt saboteurs?

Re: tally ho

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i started feeling bad for diverting this thread earlier 'cause it was such a kewl message that started it off and i was looking forward to seeing if u managed to hook up with anyone to ride with on your travels

after your initial ‘jolly hockey-sticks’ style response to my muni-hunt suggestion, i wasn’t quite sure if i’d managed to give offence or not and was contemplating just quietly walking away from this thread

i’m so glad i didn’t

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Clown Hunting

If we are hunting clowns, can I be armed with more than just a jolly hockey stick.

Perhaps a mace?


it’s all jolly good fun, what

My dear fool,
It would be quite ungentlemanly of you to actually touch the quarry in any way, that’s what the hounds are for. Us chaps sit back on our steeds and enjoy the show, smoking our pipes, and sipping hot toddies.
Brigadier Boogiejuice signing off,
ta ta