Travelling with unicycle

Hi Guys!
How do you travel with your unicycles? Especially 26 inch.

I have 24 inch Qu-Ax Luxus converted to MUni and it fits my bag perfectly.
Here are some pictures:

MUni inside the bag

MUni in bits

I am planning on buying proper 26 inch MUni and was wondering how do you travel with yours :slight_smile:

A bigger bag:

Details in the captions. Weight limits for flights within Europe may be lower, so check with your airline.

Thank You… My bag is hardshell and it is a bit heavy. I like the idea with bigger but lighter bag!
Some european airlines have limit of 15kg and every kg over that is 20 euro extra charge :confused:

That’s crazy. Hopefully you have the option of choosing a different airline…

Just put one of these on it and tell them it’s a guitar. They always let people bring guitars on.

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That made me laugh out loud.

I can picture someone boarding the plane, trying to convince an attendant that it’s truly a guitar.

“Ma’am, I’m telling you this really is a guitar.” plucks ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on the wheel spokes

Good one!!!
But i don’t think the low cost airline would go for it. They charge even more for “large” sport equipment and music instruments… but i might try it some day :smiley:

I think the same airline Ryanair has an option to go 20 or 15 + 15 but you have to pay a bit more. You are allowed to have 10kg of hand luggage.
The luxury of flying low cost european airline :wink:

Medard, you have some good reads here:

I haven’t tried Ryanair yet, so let me know how is it going if you try. Uni usually is bulky and in strange shape, but my uni luggage was usually quite light.
I was flying with Lufthansa and Eurolot and nobody cared that it is oversize (even for checked-in luggage) as long as it was in the weight limit.

I’ve never had a problem travelling with my uni but the treatment of your baggage differs per airline.

I’ve taken my 20" trials uni as carry-on on a budget carrier once. Everyone looked stressed but they didn’t stop me.

On Air Canada, I didn’t have a bag for my 29" muni so I put it in a large garbage bag and taped a ‘Fragile sticker’ on it. Worked fine.

At the last Unicon in Italy, I packed a 24" and a 29" uni in a wheel bag with my (limited) clothes and toiletries in a shoe bag between the wheels. All checked in under 15kg as regular luggage.

Here are my experiences:
(29" wheel in a separate bag), frame and seat in the big backpack. Someone told me to declare that’s a circus prop and not a bike (to avoid paying extra charges…)

-ALITALIA (some times): no charges
-LUFTHANSA (2 times): no charges
-CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES (4 times): 3 times no charges (even if I passed the maximum kg amount permitted), once I’ve paid 30 euros…
-TURKISH AIRLINES (2 times): (even if I passed the maximum kg amount permitted)

Twice, after Xray inpections, they asked me to open the bag and show them what was inside…
Once the seat-seatpost was misdiagnosed: from the Xray they thought it was a hammer…:slight_smile: