travelling unicyclists

Hey folks,

A really nice family of unicyclists from the New Orleans Unicycle Club
will be travelling (with unicycles) from Louisiana up the eastern coast,
around the northeast (central VT,NH and Ithaca NY) and finally, out to the
Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Sequim, Whidby Island, Glacier Nat’l Park, and
Portland areas) this summer. They range in age from 12 to 50 and their
ability levels range from a solid level 1 (parents) to levels 3 & 4
(kids). They’d be interested in meeting/riding with etc. as many
unicyclists as possible during this time. They hope to attend Unicon, but
it still isn’t clear if they can make it at this point.

Anyway, if you live in any of these areas and are interested, contact me
off list and if it looks as if you’re on their route, I’ll put you in
touch with them.


Tracey Sherry

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