Travelling to San Diego (Feb 12-17)

It seems that every Valentine’s Day, a group of researchers gather in San Diego to discuss medical imaging. I’m not sure why they pick Valentine’s day - well, okay, we’re math and science geeks, so it’s not like we had much planned for the day :p.

The upside to this is that I get to take a trip to San Diego during a month that’s usually bad for Minnesota unicyclists. If anyone in the area feels like getting together sometime from Feb 12-17, let me know. My email is wentz (dot) robert (shift2) mayo (dot) edu.

I won’t be able to bring a uni with me, but hopefully there will be a spare one floating around somewhere.


hey wentz.
Have you gotten any reply on this yet? I dont live in SD any longer otherwise i would be happy to get together with you. But the other guys are still there and im sure would be happy to ride with you.
I’m not too sure if anyone has a spare muni at the moment. Maybe someone wont be able to ride and you could use theres. Maybe Maybe? I’m sure you all can work something out.

Let me know if anyone has replied. If not ill put a little fire under their butts and get 'em going. Its always a great experience riding with someone new(ish) and id hate for the opportunity to go unfulfilled.

take it easy.