Traveling with your MUni

Just wondering how anyone out there travels by air with their unicycles? I have been using a cardboard box that my uni came in but it is wearing out and is difficult to carry around. A large suitcase would be ideal but i have not found one that will fit my 26x3. Any ideas are appreciated.

You could get a Cello case and Pad it out.

Well, you do get one carry-on item…

disasemble it slightly and put it in a suit case

Try contacting these guys, tell them Jim Dugue sent you:

Some of the Seattle gang and I have used the Samsonite (American Tourister) 35" Wheeled Duffels for our 24x3 MUnis. Not sure if a 26x3 will fit without the tire deflated.

You have to be careful how you pack up your uni if your goign to take it flying.

In NZ there is a extra charge for ‘bikes’ so when we travel we say its sports equipment, it has to go in the Luggage compartment as it wont get through Metal Metector or customs,

I have seen it done a couple of ways,

  1. Cover in lots of cardboard (after dissasembling)
  2. Bike Box
  3. Unicycle Box
  4. In a suitcase


Not anymore. Air NZ stopped charging for “bikes” about a year ago. Now they apply hefty penalties for overweight baggage instead.