Traveling to South America

Hi All,

I Have been planning a Trip to South America with a friend for the last few months, but just recently found out he cant go. Since I’m going by myself now, I thought I would take my muni and hit some of the awesome trails in the Andes.

The problem is, I’m having trouble finding info on mountain biking trails. I was just wandering if anyone had been to South America biking or unicycling, or had any info about good trails or just useful tips.


I will be in SA in June and July, so if anyone wants to go just speak up.

Where in South America will you be staying? Just traveling around?
I can tell you a bit about Argentina, where I am from. Bariloche would be a great place to go, and if get there you should contact the Club Andino:

There are a few websites with some guided tours or with just some trails, but usually pretty incomplete. I would talk to the locals and find out when you get there.

Some trails:

But, now I notice you are going in June and July, so remember it will be winter there, and actually there is a chance that you’ll get a lot of snow on the ground, especially in the hiking or biking trails. There are still going to be a lot of places to ride, but the further south you go the more snow you will get, and the colder it will get overall, especially in the Andes region.

You might consider doing stuff further north, in the Altiplano (high plains) close to Bolivia. That is a very pretty area, and if you are going to be there 2 months then you will have plenty of time.

That is a beautiful area. The nickname of the province of Salta is La Linda (the pretty one) and it is a really nice and scenic area.

I hope this helps some, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Thanks for the websites. I will be staying in Ecuador for the first month taking a Spanish course(june 10-july 10). Then I will head south though Peru and Bolivia and see how far south I can get from July 10 to September 15. I know its winter down south, but I’m hoping the weather will be good around the equator.

If I get close to Argentina I will contact your club for sure, thanks for the invite. That would be alot of fun.

And I think your right, once I get there the locals will know about all the good trails and places to ride. Maybe I will write a book, it seems nobody else has.

Hi there,

I just happen to be in Peru on holiday with my family and muni at the moment. We arrived in Arequipa today, which is on the slopes of 5800 metre volcano (El Misti). Apart from there being snow on the top of this active volcano, I wont have the time to acclimatize to get to the summit, so Ill see how high I can get before riding down. Ill let you know how I get on.

In a weeks time Ill be in Cusco (also in the Andes) sussing out more muni rides, aswell as spending time with my family of course.

Ive spent time in Equador, Chile and Argentina before and theres plenty of volcanoes and mountains for you to play on.

Ill keep you posted on how I get on anyway.


Nice man, thats awesome! Hope you guys are having a great time.

The biggest question I have for you is how your getting your uni around. When I go I will most likely be back packing, so I wont have very much room. I thought about just strapping it on the back of my pack, but that could get old fast. How are you getting yours around?

Im curious to see how your trip goes, and which countries you liked best for sightseeing and riding.

Have fun, and I would love to hear more about it.


come to brazil!

Unicycling in Peru

I´m back from Peru next week, so I´ll have more time to post you details of rides and contacts in Arequipa and Cuzco.

I did manage to get up to 4250 metres on one of the volcanoes for a 30km ride, all downhill.


dude you have to do the epic 4 day hike from machu pichu to cuzco on a unicycle. you could do in 1 or 2 days on a 24 in. its like 50 miles.
( i just finished a peru report)

Yea the machu pichu to cuzco would be really fun. I just got HS-33s, a thomson seat post, and a new tire for my KH 24, so Im about ready. Cant wait to go, but worried about packing my uni around.

Just to let you know that I’ve not forgotten you. I’ll PM you as soon as possible with contact details in Arequipa and Cusco.