Traveling from WA to CO for NAUCC!!!

Hey Guys,
I am Driving from Spokane to Colorado for NAUCC. Currently I have 2 spots left in my car and 2 spots in our accommodation. Both would be pretty dang cheap of someone wanted to join.

Message me

C’mon, people, Phil up the fill mobile! NAUCC 2019 looks like the best NAUCC for Muni ever! Jacquie and I will be driving there too, but starting several days early.

road trip

Deb and I are also making a road trip out of this. Leaving several days early, from Kentucky. About 18 hour drive. (John, about 18 hours for you also?)
I have never been to a uni event. Really looking forward to this one. I hope you can fil the extra seats. Jeff C

Interesting on the drive times! Google Maps showed me 17:14 from Bardstown to Ft. Collins, and 16:15 from my house. Who knew? We might try taking the road less traveled; Highway 50 across Nevada to Utah; never done that.

I hope you will enjoy your first ever uni convention! For best results, try everything you’re interested in, and don’t take it too seriously. Including Unicycle Sumo (workshop times TBA). :slight_smile:

Looks like Sunday’s Sumo workshop will have to be rescheduled; the New Belgium Brewery apparently doesn’t have enough space for all the activities going on that day. Check the NAUCC schedule for updates on that, and other event changes. They always happen. Afternoon weather in the Rockies can lead to afternoon or evening sudden weather changes, that may also affect the schedules.