traveling by airplane

Nice story about traveling by plane with a unicycle: a friend of mine wanted to
take his uni with him by plane. The check-in clerks didn’t accept it as normal
luggage. So he agreed to declare it as a bike and pay the extra fee. But
unfortunately, the amount of bikes that was allowed on this plane was already
exhausted. Slowly becoming angry, he mounted his uni, rode to the separate wheel
chair entrance and declared his uni as a medical device. And guess what, he was
accepted. A flight attendant companied him to his seat (yes, he was allowed to
ride down the aisle of the plain), took his uni, stored it at some closet, and
brought it back to him after arrival. Then he was asked if he needs assistance
for mounting.

Maybe someone should try this with a giraffe uni… :o)

Regards, Wolfgang

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