Traveling across the U.S. and Canada (with a car)

I can’t seem to stay put very long now that I have graduated. I am working some now that I am back from New Zealand and saving up some more money for my next trip, which is coming around very soon…April 2nd. My friend and I will be driving across the States, over to the west coast and up to Seattle. From there we will be going up to Canada…maybe along the Alaskan highway to Alaska…and then who knows.

Anyway, we will be bringing camping supplies and saving money by camping as much as possible and cooking our own food with a fire or camp stove. It would be great to meet up with some people on this board and possibly go for a ride or maybe have a backyard or floor to crash on.

Our proposed route…so far…

Northern Virginia up to Cleveland
over to Chicago
across Iowa and Nebraska
to Colorado…where we plan to spend a while, since I am really excited about the mountains and parks here.
to canyonlands national park
to bryce canyon
to the Grand Canyon
over to Las Vegas
then through Death Valley
Sequoia national park
up to the Bay area/san francisco
Eugene/Portland/crater lake
…and then who knows.

If you are in any of these areas, and would want to meet up with me, that would be great. I would love some local knowledge and company for hikes in the area, sights, and information. Also, as I said before, having a floor to sleep on would also be great if possible. Depending on how packed the car is, I am going to try fitting my Coker in the car, so I might be able to go on some rides too.

I’m excited.

if you head on over from vancvouver ( take the ferry) to vancouver island, we have tons of spots for riding and your welcome in my home.


that sounds like a greally grat trip, ive been to alaska by car and it really is fantastic.definately check out denali natn’l park if you can. we went in july though, so im sure its still pretty cold. road trips are the best. i hope you have fun on yours.

if you want to come down to san diego, me and the sduni group would ride with you.

if you want to come down to san diego, me and the sduni group would ride with you.

Once you know when you’ll be in Vancouver drop us a line on our mailing list (found via and we can arrange a ride for sure. Ideally if you’re in town on a weekend it makes things easier.


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OO, sounds like fun! I love camping! No parents, no argueing, no worries! Have fun!

Thanks. I honestly don’t know much about the island, which makes it that much more appealing to visit. I hadn’t thought of making it out there, but if I am in Vancouver and my trip is going well then I might just head on out there.

Yeah, if I make it up to Alaska I definitely want to check out denali national park. I hope I make it there because Alaska looks amazing…its just so far away!

Thanks, yeah I will drop a line once I know when I will be there. I probably won’t know for quite a while since I will just be seeing how things go on the way out west. I am looking forward to making it to Vancouver and some of the parks near there.

There’s a good size group of regular riders in the Seattle area, and we split between trials, muni, distance as the mood strikes. Drop a line back on this thread as you get closer, and we can get you connected into our local riders email group. We are (sometimes) able to muster a pretty good turnout to go riding with visiting RSU members.


Bump - I leave in a week.

and Tom I just sent you a PM.

You should somehow come to Rowlett, TX, too. Right near Dallas! :smiley:


Come up to the reno tahoe area some good riding places…also no problem on a place to stay we have ya covered…

Yeah it’s very quick ferry trip from vancouver to vancouver island, if you want to come you have another place to stay at my house! there is awesome riding on the island!

If you’re in Sequoia Nat’l park, you’re pretty close to LA - I’m sure that someone here will be willing to ride with you and lend you their couch for a night or two.

Thanks for the offer. As of right now I think that we are skipping over LA and southern california (but our plans might change if we decide to see our friend in San Diego).

I would really like to meet up with someone from the Portland area, who could give me some local knowledge. Part of the reason for this trip is to see some cities on the west coast that I may want to move to, and everyone tells me I would love Portland.

Three of the cities I am really looking forward to are San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. I have a few contacts now for Seattle and San Francisco/bay area, but if you are in those three cities and either want to: meet up for an hour, cycle around the city, hike somewhere nearby, offer a couch/floor to sleep on, or even just offer some suggestions for great hikes/camping spots/and city sights…it would be greatly appreciated!

I am also really looking forward to Vancouver and parts of Colorado…actually pretty much everything I am looking forward to.

Im leaving in a couple hours, PM me if anyone has anymore info or wants to meet up!