Travel Case?

OK, I’ve used the search and did not find what I was looking for. What I need is a guitar type carrier for airline travel. Its got to be able to take a beating and be fairly compact. I have a Nimbus ISIS Trials.


Are you taking about a hard or soft shell case? The only carriers I’ve seen are custom soft (nylon or canvas) shells that zip closed. There should be some thread in the archives that describes how one is made.

Incidentally, I’ve never seen a carrier for a trials uni. If you took off the seat (w/seatpost) and pedals, you might be able to fit your Nimbus into a duffle bag.

Don’t worry about damage… your uni will see much more abuse being dropped off of high ledges and thrown down stair sets… the baggage handlers can’t do nearly that much to your uni… you’d hope :slight_smile:

Have you actually tried a soft shell guitar case? You might be able to stretch one around your Nimbus… just a wild idea.

just throw it in an old suitcase

I’ve had good luck in the past flying across the country and packing my 26" and 24" (on seperate occasions) wheel with the tire, pedals and seat post removed in a fairly simple pull duffle bag. Checked it right in and got it back in perfect shape. I don’t know about a 36er though…