Travel across USA

Hi everyone,I’m Kikenji from Japan.

I’m planning a solo travel with 36er unicycle in USA from on April or May.
The route is from LA to NY or FL(There is a friend).

It’s 3 months during a period.
I have traveled through Japan,Iceland and Cuba with unicycle.

Can I get any advice about route,security and others?


I don’t know why this is, but I think most places in the U.S. dislike “sharing the road” with cyclists. Some cites are more “bike friendly” than others, but just be prepared for road rage, offensive language, and 1 very common finger. Because you’ll be on a giant unicycle, maybe people will give you more room on the road and withhold their opinions. In my experience, Americans are ass holes when it comes to “sharing the road.” But I’ve never ridden a unicycle on major routes, nor do I plan to.

+1 on Bri’s comments. I think you’ll probably be better off sticking to the smaller roads. Big trucks could be a major hazard.
If this trip is completely solo, one of your biggest challenges will be carrying enough gear. Here’s something to consider:
I think coast-to-coast bicycle trips are not that uncommon (certainly more common than unicycle trips), I would suggest looking up blogs and journals from people who have done that, and take guidance from their experiences. (That being said, there are a fair number of high-mileage unicycle trekkers, you should probably also look up their postings and see what tips they offer.)
Good luck!

You can find many good resources here:

For example, here is a route from San Diego to Florida:

I’ve personally had a good experience touring the Pacific coast on a bike. I find the further north I go, people are generally more tolerant of bikes/unicycles. I had a couple bad (dangerous) experiences in Arizona and have heard of similar things in Florida.

Quiet roads aren’t necessarily safer - drivers may be driving even faster and paying less attention than on a busier road. Travelling on routes that bicycles frequent is best as drivers may be used to seeing bikes on those routes. That’s why I’d use routes from Adventure Cycling.

Thank you for your advice!
I didn’t know that “sharing the road” is difficult problem in the U.S.
Actually I think that the route choice is most important thing for me.
I know the Interstate highway has some available bicycle period but maybe it’s dangerous for unicycle little bit.
I have to change my course flexibly,it’s also pleasure for long touring :slight_smile:

I check up the U.S. map everyday.
Maybe small road is better than highway,but I seem to have to go only highway in some periods of west and mid area.
You know many tourist completed U.S. crossing,their experience are my help strongly.

The carrier is good! I didn’t know it.
I usually set MTB’s carrier in long tour.
but carring on unicycle is so umbalanced deal,so I put almost loads into a rucksack.


If you do ride on interstates, remember that they are really iffy, some don’t have good shoulders and people do drive faster on them. Also depending on which state you are in it won’t even be legal to ride on them. Obviously no state has a law specific to unicyclists, but many of them do not allow pedestrian or bicycle traffic at all on interstates. (You’ll have to look up the specific laws for each state.)

Very good route maps! I have to get these maps in U.S. bookstore surely.
Ok,Northern people are tolerant of unicycle.
besides,I think north is cool and comfortable weather on June from April for unicycling.
But my goal is Florida… must be hot…

I got the risk of quiet road.
Furthermore maybe small road have no sufficient shoulder. It’s terrible.
I must check Google map and Street view as much as possible before leaving.


Maybe take a look at


Thanks for your advice.
I know Interstate highway is big problem for bicycle tourists.
So I would go the local road as much as possible.
Very slow speed and very long distance are … unavoidable! :smiley:

Great book!
I didn’t know that there was a people to travel across U.S. with unicycle.
I want to read it before my journey but I couldn’t do it because I’m in Japan.
Maybe I can get it in U.S. bookstore.

Amazingly, it seems to be online here:


Interstates are quite a bad choice for cyclists. Most states I’ve been to disallow their use for you. However, US routes should be much more friendly

Amazing surely! :astonished:
This is a optimal book for unicycle travel and also English study.
Thank you very much, Phil!

OK,I would avoid to go interstates as much as possible.
On local roads,I would meet many people,many cars and many dogs.
It’s pleasure. :wink:

I would look at the Adventure Cycling Association’s routes; they are designed for bike tourists and will point out the best routes to get great scenery and avoid traffic as much as possible. They also note campsites, lodging, groceries and bike stores along the route.

Good luck!


Thanks for the link to the book. :slight_smile:

Good luck! I hope you have the greatest adventure ever!

Thanks for your advice!
The adventurecycling is very useful site.I checked it many time.
but maybe I’ll go to route66.
It’s regrettable that there is few information in the site.
I would have to get some maps in L.A.

I decided my plan to go from LA to FL on from April to July.
April is this month! :astonished:
I have to do many things for tour!

Honestly,many cars and desert of west area are very scared.
But I will go.:wink: