Transporting unicycles

I’m going to give my 2 cents on this topic since I recently traveled with my unicycle across the US to attend the Brooklyn Bridge ride and NYC Unicycle Festival.

I’ve only been riding for just over three months and have a 24" Sun Classic unicycle. I really wanted to participate in the Brooklyn Bridge ride and had to figure out a way to get my unicycle to New York via airplane. I search google and this website for advice and came up with the following solution with inspiration from Adventure Unicyclist.

I went to my LBS and asked if they had any left over boxes and packing material they could give me. I ended up with two very useful boxes. The first one was a box that had contained a mountain bike wheel set. I took the pedals and seat post off my uni and it fit perfectly into that box. The wheel set box didn’t seem strong enough to endure the trip so I then took a bike box that was slightly wider than the wheel set box and cut it down so that the wheel set box would fit in the downsized bike box. I then measured the outer box which turned out to be 24" x 30.5" x 7.5" (62 linear square inches total) and created a bag to fit over the box. The bag is a simple rectangle made out of 1000 Cordura fabric with a zipper on the top and the corners tucked in. I put my seat, pedals and tools in with the uni and filled the gaps with bubble wrap that the LBS was going to throw away. Material, webbing and a zipper for the bag ran around $50.

The unicycle made it to New York and back via the Newark and Seattle airports. I had no problem checking the bag for the flights. I got absolutely no flak from the agents at Alaska Airlines. Even though it was within the allowed checked baggage dimensions they did have me take it over to the oversized check-in counter in Seattle. When it arrived in Newark it came down the regular baggage chute. Hey, I even fessed up when the agent asked me what was in the bag. I just said, “a unicycle”.

The whole package weighed 22 pounds. It’s not the easiest piece of luggage to carry around but it wasn’t too bad. I did have carry it up and down a few flights of stairs to catch a bus when the AirTrain at Newark stopped working but that was manageable. I added some D rings on the side so I can clip on a side strap if needed.

Ok, I’ll admit this is probably a lot of trouble for a Sun uni. I looked into buying or renting one in NYC but didn’t come up with anything. Really the only option was to bring it along on the plane with the chance that it might not make it there and back. No biggie for this wheel. If it didn’t make it then that meant I could buy another better uni!:smiley: