Transporting Uni on a Bike?

Does anyone know of a good way to carry a unicycling while biking? I’d just ride the uni, but it’s a long ride even on the bike. Is there some way to mount the uni on the bike, or would i be better off tying it onto my back somehow? Any ideas?

The kind of backpack you can use to hold snowboards or skateboards can also be utilized to hold unicycles. Except it’s kinda big and bulky and heavy…But it’s the best way I’ve figured out. I put my KH20 on my back and rode my Coker, I expect it’d be easier if I rode a bike like that though.

A few choice threads with pictures:

A little unicycle
A bigger unicycle
Two of the blummin’ things

…and somewhere there is a thread by then-Sofa with wheels off the ground hugely outnumbering those on the ground. The photo is impressive, but alas I cannot find it.


Attach an Xtracycle Freeradical to your bike.

Also useful for hauling other things…


look on ebay and find a cheap childs attachment to an adults bike and the find a way to trap the unicycle to that

Man that’s ridiculous. That’s why I don’t ride my bike anymore. Too many tools to carry.

You forgot to describe the bike you’re using. You can do a lot with some sort of rear rack, but a skinny-tire road bike might be more of a challenge.

With a trailer you can put multiple unicycles plus other stuff…

A thought

check out the beginning just to see the super awesome bike.

i have round handle bars, from a rqacing bike. So i just stick my seat post through the round part. IT takes a little finagling but it fits well.


Hi everyone,

I have about 5 kilometers from home to my Muni-trails, for which I made a Muni-rack to fit my bike.
An old Ortlieb bike bag donated what I needed to conect the rack, the rest were spare parts of wood and a few screws and straps.

Here is model number 2, which works realy fine for my needs :grinning:


Some more pictures for details:

and a merge for the second thread I found on this topic:


If only we have a way to combine the bicycle and the unicycle into a tricycle…

I believe @jaco_flans had a better solution than a tricycle:


But, if you combine the custom fork from @jaco_flans with the SunSeeker Baja Trike, you might end up with an interesting uni-hauler. (This is actually a crazy idea I had for a use of the 24" Large Marge rim I recently acquired, after seeing the SunSeeker Baja on consignment at my LBS.)


So you could have a uni on the front fork, a smaller uni in the back, and plenty of food and water to last a day trip going between uni locations, trails for he front mounted uni and interesting features along the way for the small trial/flatland uni. That could definitely be a fun setup.

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Dont get me into this, this is brilliant :star_struck:


Oh, you are already into this. . .you already expressed interest in building a frame for Large Marge. You just didn’t know which direction I was gonna go. :smiley:

I figure if we (you) :smiley: are gonna get Large Marge set up in a Flansberrium frame, we might as well go all out so that she can overcome any obstacle (or plan for the day) thrown at her.

I see this as an “I’m going to ride TO the trails via the Baja, and ride the Gray Ghost/Large Marge ON the trails today. But, tomorrow, I may want to make the 3-mile round trip to the grocery store and I might want some exercise instead of driving the car. And, I might want to buy ice cream and milk while at the store. It’s 95 degrees F outside, so I’m going to need to take a small cooler/ice chest/insulated bag. No problem! I’ve got the Flansberrium Baja!” option.

“Gray Ghost” is the persona I plan to assign to the frame built for Large Marge. (Another Pee Wee Herman’s Great Adventure reference)

For anyone wondering what I am referencing, the following link will provide clarification/insight. :slight_smile:

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heres my uni-packing of today, this time the other way :grinning:

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