Transporting uni by car

Folks, how do you all transport your unis by vehicle?

Bike rack?

Just toss uni inside the vehicle?

Truck bed?

Custom rack?

Roof rack?

I figured for my Jeep Cherokee, I could just toss the uni in the back, but for my little Honda Civic, I might need some kind of bike rack or something…

Usually, inside the car. Larger wheels fit well on trunk racks. I have a mazda 2 (very small hatchback), and I have fit 5 unicycles (2 36ers, a 24 muni, a 29 muni and a 20") in the back before with the rear seat down. If it’s just one wheel, even my 36er, I just roll it right into the back seat footwell. When I go muni, my fiancee rides a b*ke, so that goes on the rear rack and the muni goes in the car.

If you’re using a rear rack with hooks, you can loop the wheel around one side and rest the frame on the other. Usually the straps will hold both quite well, but it will be off-center in terms of weight, so make sure if you carry a bicycle to mount it with the rear of the bike on the other side. (Typically bikes are heavier in the rear)

Most unicycles will fit in the boot of a civic, newer or older.

I’ve got a Nissan Micra which is pretty tiny, but I generally have three unicycles in the boot.

I have a 1976 VW van, it’s also a good storage unit… generally there’s 3 unis in there, plus sometimes a 4th in the rear.

It seems like many cars these days have a rear seat that folds down. When you do that (fold the rear seat down), even small cars will accommodate unicycles fairly easily. My regular work commuter is an Infiniti G37 Coupe (pretty small), and there are two unicycles in the back of it now, a 24" muni and a 20" freestyle. I could get a third in there if I wanted. It also holds my G32 handily, and used to hold my 36’r (when I owned it), if I took off one of the pedals. (Coker with 125mm hub. A KH with 100mm hub may fit without taking off the pedal.) (Also holds all my riding gear at the same time.)

cheers! :slight_smile:

G37 seems to be unusual size :wink:

Getting back to the topic… when we recently changed car there were two things that should fit into the boot. My muni and child’s trolley. Preferably both at the same time :wink: Unfortunately it was before I changed from 26 to 27.5+ so I need to disassemble it a bit if I want it to be flat.

I used to put 20, 24, 26, 28, and 36 in the back of a tiny Suzuki Vitara all at the same time. I had to fold the back seats down.

Off topic…
Mike file :slight_smile: We had a ‘Vitty’. It was lovely ! a ‘soft top’
But a funny thing happened one frosty morning…

It was really cold and by the time I’d driven to work the locks on the doors had frozen solid.
I had to sit in the car until someone could come along and un zip me and I climbed out the back of the car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to topic…
I put my unicycle inside a homemade bag. It’s made of rip stop nylon, so it helps to get in and out as it just slides over everything and nothing gets caught in the spokes. :slight_smile:

Minivan FTW! :sunglasses:
And before that, I also had some VW Buses.

You can fit up to a 40" wheel in a VW Bug. Anything bigger will not fit through the door. My 45" had to ride on the back bumper.


Hmmm … I easily get mine in into a Honda Fit. How big is your unicycle?

I always used to just stick mine in the boot which i’m hoping to start doing again soon.

Any ics of your bag? My wife is pretty good with seamstres type stuff and always loves a little project.

Hi Monkey Mark

Here you go. Just basic double stitching. I can fit a 36" unicycle in it. The loose ends tie around the seat and it stops the wheel from moving. Handy for putting a muddy wheel in till I get home to hose it off.