Transporting lots of unicycles

I suppose this belongs here better than in JC.

How do you guys carry around lots of unicycles especially for workshops? I’d usually carry about 2 in each hand but I’m sure there needs to be a more efficient way of getting a whole lot of them around.

Given they’ve all got one wheel and do line up more or less uniformly, has anyone tried clasping them together so that they could be dragged along?

what if you take the frame apart from the wheel so then you could carry 2 wheels and put maybe put another wheel and 3 frames in a big back pack? i don’t know if that’d work lol. other than that, the obvious one would be putting them in your car, you can fit a lot of uni’s in the boot of the car, especially if you take the frames apart from the wheel.

Yea I would be transporting them across distance in a car but was more of referring to transporting them from the car to inland.

I thought about taking them apart but it’s really tedious and more parts = more troublesome. The closest solution I have is to remove the pedals so that the unis line up better.

The only thing I could think of is to get more people to help you move them. Ask random people where every you are. I mean when else would they get to see a dozen or so uni’s in some one’s car.

Will restrain from making joke about many clowns coming out of a single car.

I prefer to transport mine by barge…

unis by barge.jpg

Tom, you beat me - I was going to put in the same picture from our Vietnam trip!