Transportation from San Jose to CMW

If any of you are going to CMW from the San Jose/San Francisco area and have room for one more, please tell me. I am still looking for a ride from San Jose.

If I can’t find a ride, my sister offered to lend me her car for the weekend. Problem is, I’m not familiar with the area and don’t feel too good about making the drive solo.


If you’re stuck with the car, we can hook you up with some solid directions. If you’re just too much of an islander and can’t deal with such long distances, that’s another story.

You might also be able to hook up with others who need a ride, such as gerblefranklin if he’s still looking…

Talk to Eric (Mango). He’s driving through the Bay Area to get there. I found another ride, so you might be able to take my place. He’s on AIM a lot, so try reaching him there. His Screename is Mango8chicken . Hope this helps.


P.S. Sorry, but I don’t think the person I’m getting a ride with will have space for another, and Tom Holub is only gonna be there on Sunday.