transport uni on b*ke?

Is there a easy way to carry a uni on a bke?
I know where a tennis court is but it is a ways to walk and I don’t really want to drive ($$$). The court isn’t used so I can spend a lot of time there when the temp isn’t so hot.
Any ideas or have any of you carried your uni on a b

btw- if I could ride my uni over there, I wouldn’t be going there :wink:

If you have a rear rack on the bike, you can work it out so that the uni pedal sits on the rack, and then use a bungee or strap to hold the seat tube of the uni either pointing downwards, against the seat stays, or pointing forwards, against the top tube.

sorry, I should have mentioned no rack.
Here is a pic of exactly what I have:

Maybe if you buy one of those baby carriers you could strap it on? Or if you’re going to do that, you may as well buy a rack instead, depends on the size of your bike.

The racks that fit above the back wheel are really handy, and it’s pretty easy to strap a uni to one. I highly recommend them.

Thanks for the info guys.
I’ll call around and check prices for a rack

I have carried a uni over my shoulder on a bike, but I would be very careful doing that on city streets/sidewalks. I’ve also held the seat and let the uni wheel roll along while I rode the bike; be careful of the pedals getting into the front wheel, though. I’ve seen some people drape them over the front handlebars.

My bike has a bike rack, could someone please post pictures of how to mount the uni in the back (for all of us to better understand)? Thanks

A backpack, a big one, works. With bungee cords.

Several setups and links to other threads with even more can be found on this thread.

Go buy bungee cords… :slight_smile:


Re: transport uni on b*ke?

A tennis court is where I ultimately learned to ride. I spent time at home, sitting and rocking and holding onto whatever I could find. That served to exercise and strengthen my legs.

Moving to the tennis court, where I had more distance and the fence to hold onto, is where it finally came together for me. Then I started setting goals: ride half-way across the court, ride all the way across the court, ride around the court, ride around the other way, twice around, etc.

Early rides will be very hard on your legs because you will be riding with most of your weight on your legs. You have to get used to putting your weight on the seat. That’s how we ride long distances. The seat carries your weight and your legs turn the wheel.

It took me 2 weeks before I could ride a few feet. Now, here I am, 2 1/2 years and 6 unicycles later … :slight_smile:

Keep trying!!

Phil, thanks for the link. I do get a bit upset with myself when I miss something like that before posting.

Wheel Rider, you hit the nail on the head about legs!
Due to some responsibilites I don’t get out much. After 5 to 6 months of basically sitting, my legs were about worthless. Even now that I have been doing some b*ke riding, getting on the uni for very long about kills me.
2 weeks huh? I hope to get there :slight_smile: I do get a couple of revolutions in once in a great while which is nice. Here locally, it turned hot again, so I am not getting the practice I thought I would be getting. It is a little over 4000 ft and 90 degrees. Too much for this ofb that still has Alaska blood in him :wink:
Oh well, I do get frustrated with myself at times from leaning sideways, but I will make it sometime and I will have a 36" uni! :slight_smile:
(and whatever else)