Transitioning to 36" from 24"

what about should max running speed be?

Thanks John for the seat height clarification. I guess that all makes sense (for Trial it is obvious that you want the seat lower and for Muni it’s the same as for mountain biking). And the little part about a slight bend to give a margin of error makes sense. I interpret that to mean that it’s close to the same height as on a road bicycle but a touch lower because a) margin of error and b) if it’s too high you have to sway left to right which on a bike is ok, as you can use the handlebar to stabilize but on the unicycle will give you an uneven and wobbly stroke.

The running speed comment makes a lot of sense, even though I neved thought of it in those terms before. I’m not getting close to that speed yet, as I think my max speeds have been something like 21-23km/h with sustained speeds of 10 seconds or more of only 20-21km/h.

But how exactly is the max running speed to be interpreted? Do you need again a margin of error as you also with a UPD you have to catch yourself as you fall? Or is the maximum running speed like from the track really the cutoff? i.e. I think I run the 100m in just over 12 seconds (that’s what sticks in my mind, maybe I’m way off). Even just taking the average for the 100m (the true maximum speed must be higher), that translates to a top speed of 30km/h. So my “real” top speed would be something like 31-32km/h? Although I’m remembering a time about a year ago where there was a traffic speed indicator set up that was next to a wall and could be triggered by running and I don’t think I was hitting 30km/h… I worked hard to break some “round” number, was it maybe 25 km/h?? not sure. What should be a ballpark figure for someone who’s a strong sprinter in the general sense (not like I ever won any track races or anything, but I have a high percentage of fast-twitch muscles).

I “had” to ride the bike again today for the 17kmx2 because of time contraints and wow, I didn’t realize how tired and sore I was from unicycling that last 10 days! I was really slow on the bike because my muscles were so tired (total combined average only 23km/h and few times I broke 30km/h I could feel that I was hurting). But then, I’ve ridden about 200km on the unicycle in the last 8 days (plus about 100km on the road bike and a day in the Downhill mountain bike park). So I think it is also reasonable to assume that I will get faster when I am sufficiently recovered. But both Thursday and Friday I should be able to commute on the 36er again, and I have the T-Bar low and fully extended. Saturday should then be a recovery day as it’s supposed to rain anyway.