transition : ww to 1fww

so, i’ve been trying this wheel walking caper after watching the tutorials here (big thank you to ducttape!) and was wondering what changes heading into one footed wheel walk. i tend to want to put my crown foot on the tire slightly to provide extra stability - is this right? or should the foot on the crown always remain off the tire? the slight backward weighting in regular wheel walking seems wrong in my one footed attempts.
my eventual aim is to glide down hills. any extra hints on the transition would be warmly welcomed!

Practise on blindly finding your wheel.
Take a wall, don’t look down, and aim directly to where your feet should be. Repeat 100x. And in between those atempts change your position (lean forward, sit up straigh, lean backward).
After that… you should know by head where your crown is and where not…

Bytheway, another solution could be doing exactly what you named this thread: start with 2ft, and change to 1.

I find your problem remarkable; are you starting the 2ft one with the other foot you’re starting your 1ft ww with?

if i understand correctly then i think i am starting with the other foot; 2 ft commences with left foot on tire and 1ft is with right foot scuffing. my main question is do i scuff at all with left foot on crown or is it always off the tire, and scuffing is entirely controlled by the right (tire) foot?

Technically, to do a “proper” 1-foot Wheel Walk, the other foot may not touch the tire. But when just playing around, do whatever you like. Your body position should be the same whichever way you’re going to do it; things will mostly sort themselves out as you get more practice.