Transition to/from hopping on cranks

So I can hop on my cranks and hop/ride normally on my pedals, but struggling to move my feet between the two. Any tips? Should I be jumping from one to the other or wiggling my feet a little each hop? I see people seemingly go straight from hopping on cranks into riding - do you adjust your feet position onto the pedals as you ride off?

Thanks for any help.

Can you do a jump mount?

I would just jump from cranks to pedals, not that I have ever tried hoping on my cranks what are you on the cranks for?

If you start to pedal on the cranks with your heel out won’t your feet naturally slide down onto the pedals, but like a kick up mount?

There’s another recent hopping thread, I posted more there. Just wanted to point out here that I only stood on the crank arms for hopping in the very beginning when I was learning to hop. It made the experience a little more stable, just enough to get me over that initial learning barrier. After a bit I felt like standing on the cranks was holding me back, so I transitioned to standing on the pedals. I don’t use the crank arms anymore; are there certain scenarios where using the crank arms is more favorable? Flatland?

Well for a start it enables you to do legwraps. I’ve also seen it recommended for added stability in some circumstances.

I think there is more than one way to do it. If you’re seat in and your feet are just a little bit on the cranks, you can just start pedaling and adjust as you go. You’ll be sort of on the sides of your feet for a rev or 2.

If your feet are way over on the cranks, you can move them to the pedals mid-hop. You can also stall, sit heavily on the seat for a second, and move your feet. If you do it in one quick movement, it only takes a split second.

The stall method works for seat out too. Lean on your arms and quickly fix your feet, then ride off before you lose your balance.

I’ve always hopped from cranks to pedals and vice versa. Practicing jump mounts to pedals might help if you don’t know how to do that already, it’s very similar to jumping from cranks to pedals. It’s kind of a commitment thing, if your unsure about doing it, try practicing it on gravel or grass as they tend to keep your wheel a bit more stable after your jump, and if you bite it it doesn’t hurt as bad as concrete.

I think people can go from hopping onto cranks, then sit on saddle, then slide/move feet to pedals and ride off, it’s all kind of one continuous motion. Practice this one holding onto something. But Practice both ways:).