transition mounts?

I was informed the other day that once you get to level 7 all your mounts have to be a transition into something else. I can only think of one or two like this. Is this really how it works? Can anyone give me some good examples? I’m about to finnish with level six and need some more ways to punnish me shins.

You’re entirely correct on that rule. Also, the mounts should be significantly different, so for example if you do a jump mount to wheel walk, you can’t do a jump mount to seat in front. I just passed level seven last Saturday and here are the mounts I used:

1.Side jump mount to wheel walk
2. Regular mount to wheel walk. (one foot on the pedal, then right into wheel walking)
3. Reverse mount to wheel walk (position seat between legs with unicycle in back, then jump up backward and wheel walk out)
4. Pick up mount to seat in front
5.Rolling mount to one-footed riding
6. Side mount to one-footed idle
7. Mount to hopping on wheel

For more ideas, check out, both standard and freestyle, and use your imagination. (The ten mounts demonstrated there in the levels section are following the IUF rules, not the USA ones.)