Transition between hopping and riding

I can now ride my uni forwards pretty reliably (though not yet backwards or idle) - have also just learnt to hop, and can hop on the spot until I get bored or tired, and also move around or turn around. Can even freemount to hop - I’m well over 90% at this, compared to my freemount to riding success rate of ~80%.

However I’m really struggling to go from hopping to riding - it shouldn’t really be any harder than normal freemounting and riding, but my success rate is less than 10%. Is there some trick I’m missing - why doesn’t it work when I sit down and try riding as if I’ve just freemounted? I just end up losing my balance all the time. Or is it just like all uni a case of lots of practice and confidence? Seems strange how difficult this is, when I got freemount to hop on my first attempt and have been trying hop to ride transition a lot longer.

Would be really nice to get this sussed given my success rate at freemount to hop, even in tricky situations where I’d normally struggle to freemount normally - would make mounting and riding a lot, lot more reliable if I can nail this.

I should mention that I’m also struggling with transition from riding to hopping if anybody has any tips on that, though I do at least have some idea on what I need to work on there.

the one thing I can think of is that maybe when you hop, you should finish hopping so that you are leaning forward, and ready to ride away. If your last hop is right under you, you may struggle moving forward because of where your weight is. It’s like trying to begin riding while you are in your “sweet spot”

going from riding to hopping is just the opposite. You want to come close to a complete stop while staying in your “sweet spot” of balance. That way, you can begin hopping and you won’t still be moving forward.

Hop - ride

I have recently learned this… I practiced by pedaling 1 revolution, halting doing 1 small hop an pedaling 1 revolution and hopping again.

Keep doing it and you will get there

I fell lots at first but then it clicked.

I’m having similar problems…in my case the transitions from and to idling/riding. I’ve come to think that the secret of life (not only unicycling) is in the transitions.

I used to have trouble hopping with my right foot behind. Ironically, that’s how I do free-mounts, jump mounts and rolling mounts. Haha. I still have trouble getting on, then hopping without even riding. Ehh, it’ll come with time. Be sure to practice both ways! So when you have to hop over something, you have more chance to actually hop over it without rolling right over it/UPDing. :smiley:

I’m having the same issues but sound like it is just practice practice practice

As mentioned above, I find that strangely easy. Have swapped hands I’m using to hop (have an old wrist injury in my dominant right hand which was flaring up due to using that to hold the handle), and straight after I got hopping sorted with the other hand I tried freemount to hop and managed that first time with the other hand.

I presume there’s not a lot of advantage to being able to use either hand so I might as well stop practising with my right hand?

Just to report back, I finally managed to get this totally nailed today (at least on the little wheel). I thought I’d sussed it a little while ago, by doing a little backwards roll of the wheel before riding off, but given I can’t yet idle, the balance doing that isn’t reliable. So I’ve now gone back to what I tried before, and doing a little backwards hop before riding off - along with stopping thinking about the sitting down and riding off, that seems to have done the trick. I’m also being a bit more flexible rather than committing myself too much - if I go for the hop back and don’t have the balance right I generally manage to go back to hopping rather than trying to ride and UPDing.

I guess I just need to practice lots now, and then at some point starting on uphills should become easier (mount sideways to hop, hop 90 degrees, ride off) amongst other things.

instead of sitting down after your last hop you might want to try riding standing up off the seat for a rev. or 2 and then sit down

Thanks - I was trying that when doing a little roll back, but now not even thinking about it (so I suspect I’m doing that naturally).

I’m learning to do the same thing. One thing that I’ve been doing is freemounting into a hop, coming out of the hop into normal riding, ride 3 revolutions into a hop, hop 180 degrees, then repeat until tired. So the idea is I’m just going back and forth over the same 20 foot line.

I’ve noticed that the area where I need to work on is in that first half revolution coming out of the hop. I always ride out of the hop, but that first half revolution is always severely off balance. The plan is to repeat what I was doing above but decreasing the riding revolutions by one each time. So the next time it would be 2 revolutions, 180 hop, then 2 revolutions. Then eventually one.

Don’t forget to practice with your feet in the other position. I can hop with the right foot in the rear position just fine but my right leg has the tendency to move forward on me with my left foot in the rear position. Once I get comfortable with that I’d shorten the practice above by half revolutions at a time. 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, .5.

i did it this way when you finish hopping try to stand still and just balance after some practice you can do it for a few seconds i found that bit of time is enough to sort your self out ready to pedal then it just gets less and less till you pedal strait out good luck