somebody should make a movie of someone jumping on a trampoline and doing tricks i think that would be asome i would but im not that good yet so ya

on universe 2 there is a hidden section with Crazy Karl jumping on a trampoline

why is everyone so reluctant to talk about the hidden sections? we’re a community people, so lets share how to get to these hidden sections. all of em


Its only like 4 seconds long. But I beleive there is a video in the gallery somewhere that has like 30 seconds of this kid jumpingon a tramp. Oh and in Universe 1 there is a video of someone on a trampoline.

The hidden section is under rider profiles, Dan Heaten, and go down one to the pic of Dan and it will say USyko2 select it.

Basically push the down button in the Dan Heaton Profile. Or click on his picture if you are using a computer.

Heres one: Small Trampoline
I know there is more but I just cant find them yet…

Hey andy, tomoro I’m comming to your house. Get your video camera and I’ll TRY and bust out the moves on ur tramp…good idea!

ok ty

Those failed suicide mounts look painful. :astonished:

ive jumped on a full size tramp a lot. its a lot of fun but weird at first. ive done 360s and no footers and stuff like that and ill get vid in a while. it can be very dangerous though. once i was doind a 360 and landed to far back so it shot out from under me and was flipping and spinning really really fast and came about 3 inches from my friends face (standing on the side of the tramp)…so be careful

ya i tried today and its pretty wierd at first

Small trampolines are extremely easy, and there low so you can do a 360 off and land on the ground fine its sweet. I have a full size trampoline but im not aloud to take a uni on it but i did try once its really hard to get the air up, i tried it on my old one like 3 years ago, now that was wierd.