Trampoline Uni

Well, a few of us from the club have been teaching the unicycling part of a Circus Arts Mentor Program (CAMP) for Investing in Children.

Today during lunch, we made our way over to the angled trampoline.

As we only had a few minutes between kids (over lunch) there are no successful mounts.

But what a riot! And an incredible workout!

18mb Quicktime clip

Also featured is some BC wheel action and a jump mount to wheelwalking.

Looks pretty fun. I want to try that on a big trampoline.

looks fun i like the jump mount to wheel walking.

Very nice, particularly the BC wheeling and suicide mounts.


Excellent, Sofa! It looks like a blast. Love the music. I used to play that stuff as a tuba player.

I thought u meant it was suposed to be a trampoline… Therer called Trampette’s because there alot smaller than Tramplines I think :wink: I use them to do my summersault. Some quite funny messing around vids there :slight_smile:


grrr our school doesn’t have quicktime!

have to view it at home :frowning: stupid school system

I hate the music.


But fun stuff on there! It looks like the landing mats are what were fouling up the landings after jumping on the “minitramp.”

As for landing suicide mounts, I find the ground to be enough of a place to jump from. I don’t need any extra height!


What do you mean?!? It’s that circus tune, don’t you remember?

Let me doo doo deedeedeedee doo doo deedee a few bars for ya to jog your memory


Big Trampline

Well i saw the post name and was interested to see that others had taken the unicycle to new levels. This is a pic of me on my trampoline from about about a year ago on my el shitbox unicycle. I havnt done much on the trampoline on my unicycle but this has given me drive to try and land that illusive backsommersault, Cheers

There is a great clip on Under No Influence of some trampoline Uniing. The rider caught some huge air.


Ah ha, jumpin a uni on a trampoline, my friend and I used to do that a lot, we got pretty good and could pull 360s, but after trying a 540 one to many times, my friend fell of the uni in mid air. He landed on his tail bone on the edge of the trampoline, it was fractured, so what I have to say about jumping on a trampoline with a uni, its fun, but be careful!


I’m done now :frowning: