Trampoline jumping... big sidehops.

I’ve always wondered how you go about doing this properly? My lil sis has a biggish trampoline in the garden, and I’ve only tried once or twice to jump my uni on it. What happens is that you try to preload your body weight, but when you try to jump up, the ‘sag’ from the trampoline seems to absorb any preload you made, therefore barely even making a a jump. The uni kinda seems to stay stationary whilst your feet get forced off the pedals, causing you to fly off instead.

I’ve seen pics of Zack doing fairly huge hops on one, and it looks like great fun once you learn the technique of using a trampoline’s flexiness.

It’s an art in itself. Joe tried it when he came over, and he ended with his seat in his chin, haha…

So, what’s the secret, if any of you can do it?

Ergh, i gotta start riding again. I haven’t ridden uni in aaaages, too much biketrials recently!

Lol its actually really easy the only tricky part is getting started, you can do it sif or si. I was trying to do backflips on my friends tramponline yesterday(on the uni of course) you cant prehop like you would on concrete, you have to work your way up to that height. If you want an instant huge hop from a trampoline, use those lil excersize ones that are like 4 ft round. I have done some nasty sidehops up obstacles on those bad boys…

i was thinking about going on my trampoline on my uni but dont want to damage it with my metal pedals, and my parents would never let me anyway :angry:

I used to not even be close, but last time i tried, it was very simple. I would do it seat in. You simply need to have a big starting jump to get it going (though you wont go very high that one). After that, continue jumping as hard as you can. Soon, you should be jumping quite high. After that, just go crazy.

Yes emiles got the right idea :slight_smile:

though last time i tried i didnt manage a 180 uspin. But actually, i sucked back then (couldnt 5spin yet). Doing stuff like that is hard on a trampoline.

Start by doing a jump mount, and let the trampoline spring you and the uni up, otherwise you end up jumping off the bed with the uni and you get out of sync. The bounces need to be slow and controlled, because you don’t have your legs to spring you up and the uni needs to because part of you, essentially.

I have a large green fence (i guess colour is not really relevent) about 7foot high around my backyard. Before we sold the trampoline i would get on it with the unicycle and bounce so as i was lvl with the fence then enjoy the looks on the faces of the passers bye(es) as they notice someone reaching heights of more than 7feet on a unicycle :o :o just did two or three quick ones then left them wondering.

ive tried but i agree just the getting started bit is the hardest i recon.

The way I mounted was holding hte uni in front of me about chest height for a few a hops til I was at full height then I would throw it under me and jump sif, kinda like a big acid drop lol