Trampoline Fun :)

I thought I might try something fun today, and I also wanted to try out my new editing software :slight_smile:

I suppose someone had to try these things… :wink:

I like your white uni, what make/model is it?

Its a mix between KH and IMPACT

I’ll try that this summer on my trampoline! except for all the tricks… I’ll just jump on mine:)

Me too…! :smiley:

Haha I’ve jumped on a tramp with uni ages ago lol. nice tho I didnt try tricks because the tramp was like way to small

I tried frontflips on my friends trampoline like a year ago :stuck_out_tongue: It’s definitely a lot of fun to jump around on :slight_smile:

wow :astonished: , last time i tried riding on a trampoline i racked myself. Good Job

Oh my god, it looks like that second drop hurt. You’re supposed to hold on to the unicycle for unispins.

I need to get a trampoline so I can try this!!:slight_smile:

I can actually see this being beneficial for improving accuracy, as it seems to exaggerate the imperfections.

Looks like fun. Though, I wouldn’t want to do it without that net! xD