tramp uni'ing?

has anybody done tramp uni’ing it would be so awesome to do or see

tramp uni’ing is like tramp b*king




I’ll I can do is hop in place. I can’t even ride around because my tire so grippy.

I’ll make a short vid of me on my tramp with my uni later. I can hop around, and do all sorts of stupidly insane tricks.

go to my gallery i have a vid (yard riding) it has seom trampoline uniing in it.

On the old-school (collegiate/gymnastics) style trampoline in the photo, the surface is so grippy our unicycle wheels would not steer at all with weight on them. But hopping worked fine.

Bummer… I thought it was going to be a picture of a unicycling tramp (aka bum, hobo etc)

I have done it, the wheel boulnced out from under me and the pedal cut my back. In U2 Ryan does it.