Training Wheel Not Required: US Release/Ride Party

Ok this sounds like we are going then.

And I’ll take a DVD too. Jim and Nick’s dad might be going too, he wont be doing any riding, will he need to pay for Rays? also would he have to be on the list at the door?

7 attending

Hi, Dan. Welcome! Thanks for posting here. And thanks for Ray’s being such a unicycle friendly place!

I’m not sure if we met a few weeks ago (I didn’t really get people’s names), but I’m the “other” unicyclist – the one who was riding the MUni (mountain unicycle).

  1. Yes, I highly advise people to spend the day at Ray’s! It’s a lot of fun watching and interacting with the mountain bikers and the trials riders. They are really nice people. And several know how to ride a unicycle, too.

  2. For those staying at the Holiday Inn, they have a complimentary area shuttle that can cart you and your unicycle back to the hotel (what could be better than a professional designated driver on call 24 hours a day?).

Dan, there is a rule about 24" wheels. Does that apply to unicycles? Except for people like Andrew on Cokers (36" wheel), all size unicycles basically go slower than the bikes anyway. A 20" trials unicycle would only go slightly slower than a 24" mountain unicycle. So, are the 20" unicycles allowed to ride? Is speed the issue here? I’m sure we will be a courteous group and stay out of the way of other riders. I’m not asking you to bend or change the rules, I’m just asking for clarification.

Also, I called the Holiday Inn to get rate and other info. Someone at Ray’s mentioned that we could get a special “Ray’s MTB” rate at the hotel. When I called the hotel, they said someone from Ray’s would have to call and arrange it. I doubt they can beat the Internet rates I posted previously, so I didn’t worry too much about it. But now that you are here… Do you know anything about this?

I hope we have a big turnout! Ray’s is a really fun place to ride and hang out. I plan to be there Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.

OK, then, for the record

  1. How do we “officially” register?

  2. When we register, do we send money in, or do we still pay at the door?

  3. Is the date confirmed? If not, when? We probably can’t register until that date is confirmed…

party on

I’m sure he would need to be on the guest list and pay admission to the after-hours party.

You should get the official word on this, but during the day, I think spectators can enter at no charge but they have to stay completely OFF the course.* In fact, to go out into the riding area, you need protective gear, which is wise, because even if you are standing around, someone can crash into you. There is a three-foot wall that divides the riding area from the non-riding area, which has some cool tables and chairs made out of logs and stuff. From the non-riding area, you can see much of the course, but you will not get the full appreciation of seeing some of the more distant obstacles being ridden (the place is huge).

    • besides, riders must sign a waiver. As a spectator, he wouldn’t have signed the waiver, so he shouldn’t be out where he can get injured.

First of all, AWESOME.

Second of all, you can almost certainly count on a couple people from the Iowa State University Unicycle Club. I’m pres. and will be telling members about it as soon as school starts again.

Almost certainly I will be there, and if I have something going on, I’ll be breaking my butt to get there after I get done. I will probably almost certainly have at least one other person with me, but I’ll let you know ASAP.

Just so we’re clear though–The event ends at about 2 AM on Monday, right? So we all get to drive through the night to make it back to our loving 8 AMS? Not complaining of course, I’ll probably skip them regardless of whether I go or not…

Best Regards!,


The movie is going to be played at Midnight (12am) Sunday, (so immediately after Saturday is over!) most people think that Midnight is at the end of the day, when it is actually what starts it.

After attending this event, you have all day Sunday after you wake up to get back to class for monday :slight_smile:

Hope you guys can make it!

Does that mean your planning on showing the movie at Ray’s, like as a break during the riding?

You have to remember that light is a big factor for the projector. If this is a big warehouse-like room with flourescent lights, you can forget about getting a picture out of the projector. A closed room with no light is the best scenario, but it will still work with a dimly-lit room.

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AWESOME Brian, thanks for clearing that up. We’ll probably have a lot more people now. I’ll keep you posted.