Training Wheel Not Required: US Release/Ride Party

Hey everyone, thanks to the great impression Dave Lowell and HardcoreCokerRider left at
Ray’s Indoor MTB Park (Cleveland, Ohio)

we are able to plan a fantastic US release of TWNR.

Saturday, Feb 19 2005, we will be able to ride at Ray’s, but we might not be able to ride as much as we want due to the mountainbikers, we might find it a little crowded. However. From 10pm (closing time) till we’re done, we can have the entire place to ourselves!

Sleep good Saturday day, as there will be a midnight showing of TWNR and beer drinking (there will also be pop for the kiddies) and snacks, etc…

Andrew (HCR) is developing a new cool Coker event, I will let him discuss that, but the more Coker riders that come the better!

The cost is $12 for admission (that’s their price) I don’t know if you only show up at 10 if you get in for free, but I would plan on having to pay, just in case.

I am going to try to find a place near there where I can rent a projector and screen (or if someone who is coming happens to know anyone or have anything like that, please let me know)

The Canadian Release will be the beginning of Feb, the date and location are still being confirmed, but it will be shown on a projection screen followed by two live bands. (and will definetly be in London, it will most likely be the university bar, and on a thursday in early Feb)

In order to best plan for Movies and Beer, please reply in the news board and maintain a running tally. (you can still get a movie if you don’t select one here, I just need a ball park figure)

This will be a very cool event!

The DVD will be $18us

Attending: 2

DVD: 1 (I dont think you need to buy your own dvd Sofa king)

I cut out a line or 2 to save some space on the front page if its a problem and you would like that extra space let me know via pm…

Thanks Mike, I am indeed an over spacer


You didn’t mention where this was gonna be…

probably outta my reach anyways…

I am DEFINITELY going and I would like a DVD.

Attending: 3
DVD: 2

Bring your Coker AND your MUni.

I’ll post some hotel info here tomorrow.

Updated Information:

Hi everyone, due to some miscommunication, there are some changes that have occured…

The date is still Feb 19.
Ray’s prices for one day are $15 (or $12.50 each day for a two day pass)

In order to attend the after hours party, there is another fee required. (but don’t fret)

In order to attend the after hours party , there is a cost of $15 per person up to 10 people, and $20 per person after that (that seems backwards, but is accurate)

The place is all ours from 10:30 to 2:30 (officially, but the guy said he’d stay longer for us as it’s a very special occasion), but…if you only intend on showing up for the after party, your admission price will allow you to come in at 9pm, the last hour of their business day where there will also be Mountain Bikers. So, it will still be a fantastic event!

I need to give Ray’s a downpayment in January. The first 10 people who reply to this thread and arrange to send me their admission cost will be the 10 lucky $15 people.

The remainder of those attending can pay $20 at the door. (but I would still appreciate getting the numbers for attendance here please)

PS. This will be the first official filming session of TWNR2 due out before next Christmas.

I have room for 2 people leaving from London

I am still DEFINITELY going (of course) and I would like a DVD.

Attending: 3
DVD: 2

I will send you my admission cost.

Everybody bring your Cokers, MUnis, AND trials unicycles.

Hurry up and reply, before Dave makes you bring your giraffes too!

I call shotgun! Me and Mrs. spyder will go with you. And you don’t need to bring a copy of TWNR for me, I expect I’ll have one from the Canadian release party.

P.S.- Has anyone found Sofa yet?

Hotel Information

I got some hotel info and Ray’s info for everybody. I recommend the Holiday Inn listed below, which is where I will be staying. I have never stayed there, but it looks nice, has a cheap rate, and it’s close to Ray’s MTB and only a few minutes from downtown. Plus, they have a shuttle that can take us back to the hotel after the party.

Holiday Inn Cleveland Airport
near the airport and near Ray’s MTB

$59.00 per night - cannot cancel (must book on Internet)
$79.00 per night - cancellation penalty (must book on Internet)
$89.00 per night - normal reservation

note: these rates are for Friday nights and Saturday nights only – other nights are more expensive

  • heated indoor pool (6:30 AM until 11:00 PM)
  • complementary 24-hour shuttle (also heated)
  • 10 minutes from downtown (heated only in the summer)
  • 3.5 miles from Ray's MTB (not heated)
  • has a restaurant called, believe it or not, MacKenzie's Bar and Grill
Their 24-hour shuttle may have trouble taking a whole group of us plus unicycles [I]to[/I] Ray's all at once, but we probably won't need that anyway. Availability would depend on how many other hotel guests they are shuttling and how much luggage they have. But coming [I]back[/I] from Ray's (after the party), it is no problem. The shuttle is a van that holds 11-15 people, depending on luggage, or in our case, unicycles.

Radisson Hotel - Gateway
in downtown Cleveland

$88.00 per night

  • no pool
  • high-speed wireless Internet
  • valet parking (only)
This is where I stayed last week. It is a very nice hotel located in downtown Cleveland (presumably you can walk to bars/restaurants/clubs/etc., but I didn't have time to explore the city when I was there). I got the "Winterfest Promotion" rate, which was $89.00 and included valet parking. This is important because you MUST valet park -- they do not have parking. And if your rate does not include complementary valet parking, the valet parking rate is $18.00 per day. If you stay here, call them and ask about that.

Ray’s MTB

A few notes about Ray’s –

  • the temperature is a bit cool inside, which is nice for riding, but bring a sweatshirt for when you are not riding for a period of time
  • they have energy bars and stuff like that, plus various beverages including Gatorade (I don't think they had bottled water last week)
  • there is a nice water fountain conveniently located
  • for real food, you will have to bring your own or order take-out from local places (such as Little Anthony's or Gepetto's)
  • they REQUIRE only a minimal amount of protection -- helmet, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, long pants. I think basically they want whatever you are not [I]protecting[/I] to be covered up. So, skip the gloves and wear wrist guards. Skip the long-sleeved shirt and wear arm armor. Skip the long pants and wear leg armor. I certainly recommend the full arsenal of armor (as does Ray). Some of the obstacles are high up -- and you will crash.

I hope this information is helpful. Don’t blame me if any of it turns out to be wrong. I hope to see lots of you at Ray’s. It’s really a great place to ride and it’s going to be a fun event.

OK, I got to get in on this. I’m not sure yet, since I work sundays. I’m pretty sure I can get somebody to cover for me. I’ll find out as soon as I can.

Anyway, here’s the part you’ll love. I got the Projector for you. It will be used only under my own close supervision. It’s my home theater projector and I would be lost without it. It is fairly portable, though. So, assuming I can make it, I’ve got the PJ. Now you just need a viewing location. A screen would be nice, but a white wall will work fine.

Sounds like this is going to be a great ride…

Thanks for the info Dave, and thanks for volunteering the projector Nick! could you send me an email, I have some info to ask you about that sort of thing.

Don’t book the hotel yet in the event the date changes (this is the preferred weekend, so I will only change it if there are some motoram’ists who want to come, but I will finalize the date in the next few days.

I will obviously definitely be there… and I’ll buy a DVD.

Attending: 4
DVD: 3

I didnt even think about a motorama conflict, why not premier it there. Its a great event, and this year I’ll be acting as a bookie placing bets on the robot conflict battle.

I’m planning this release party around me travelling to Cleveland specifically for Ray’s. I would never go to Motorama, I don’t like trials enough. (the only reason I go to TOque is because it’s only 1.5 hours away)

As a resident newbie, I’ve got to questions regarding this event…

  1. Is anyone planning to go from Long Island? Or the imediate surrounding area? I’d hate to drive alone.

  2. Would you guy flip out if I brought along a Mtn. Bike? I’m not what you’d call skilled on a uni yet. I can barely make it the length of my driveway without eating it. Although my drive way is pretty long so I’m not that bad.


I think you would have the time of your life on a mountain bike! This place is designed for mountain bikes. It would be crazy not to bring it, as long as you bring at least one unicycle :slight_smile:

I believe that Tim, JVTFM, and I (and possibly the other members of SWAT, if they pay tim for gas money and whatnot) will be going from Motorama straight to Ray’s (I also heard from Tim that Frank from HOW wants to go with us, is that true, Frank?).

I know that if I go I will be purchasing a DVD.


I’m Dan Smith. I am the manager at Ray’s Indoor MTB.

First off, I am really excited about your forum’s traffic about ray’s, and this event in feb.

I wanted to take a moment, after reading your posts, to mention a few things about the park, and your event.

1…If any of you are interested in riding 2 wheels as well as one, but don’t want the hassle of bringing 2 bikes…we have several Demo-Bikes available at NO EXTRA CHARGE to try the course MTB style.

2…Motorama has been cancelled for Biketrials. The event director has stepped down, so I don’t know how this affects Uni’s…but please click here… Scroll down to February, and click on Motorama. One of you guys might want to research this to find out how this affects your event

3…MOST IMPORTANTLY Ray’s MTB’s policy on rentals requires all after hours riders to be pre-paid, and registered. There will be a guest list at the door, and you have to be on it to be in the building after 10. (This is for your safety, and we apologise for any inconvienience…but it’s only 20 bucks)

4…If you want to ride all day, normal admission applies. The place is quite fun when full, and I do recommend that you spend some extra time with us.

5…The hours of the rental have been extended to 1:30 instead of 12:30, for your group ONLY! This is a special thing that I am doing for this group (i’m not getting paid after 12:30…I just want you guys to have a good party!)

6…If you guys will be drinking, PLEASE use a designated driver .

Thank you all in advance for supporting Ray’s

-Dan Smith

Manager, Ray’s MTB Indoor Park