Training Wheel Not Required: Forthcoming DVD

OK, I mentioned in the past about my hopes of bringing out a DVD, they are materializing quite nicely, and I have just about completed my first section, there are still some minor tweaking.

I am completely happy with how the filming/editting is coming along. All of the things I have pictured are turning out just as I was hoping.

TWNR is scheduled to be released by Feb at the latest, I am hoping for more like Jan (definetly not out by Christmas, unfortunately)

I will be doing a lot of filming at the New York Muni Weekend, and if I can also get enough good footage to add in highlights of the 1st annual NYMW (or whatever it will be called) it would turn out into a fine speacial feature)

This movie will focus less on hard core monster drops, and more on the complete unicycling experience. (Don’t worry, Ryan, and people doing sic stuff will be in it, that’s just not what it will focus around in it’s entirety)

Those people who are at the Muni weekend will get a sneak preview of the section I have done by then.

The first trailer for this movie will be released on Oct 31.

There is some VERY COOL stuff going to be in this one!

I’m not sure of the cost right now (the more content that goes into it, the more the production costs will be)

30 mins main feauture
lots of extras

Sounds great, Brian. I have seen some of your short videos and they seem well edited and put together. I am sure this will be great. I can’t wait to see it at NYMW.

Excellent! Please be sure to put some of your great 36" BC Wheelin’ in it. I put a clip of a bit of backwards 36" BC-ing in my section of ‘One Wheel Addiction’. :slight_smile:


It’s funny how much better the footage is when you are not using a dinky little still camera for the video, but the previous little clips I have submitted have certainly got me into the filming/editting frame of mind, but having a ‘real’ video camera is incredible (although I may have just roped myself into family videos…unless the camera breaks on my last day of TWNR filming…hmmmmm)

Don’t worry Andrew, there will be a nice amount of UW36 footage, I have improved considerably, and have learned a few new mounts.

I have yet to get it going backwards any real amount of distance, nice work Andrew!

Another advantage to this camera…any videos I post online now will be about 10 MB for a 4 minute 720x480 (whatever that size is, I’m not used to it yet) with the compression features avaiable now…some of you may recall how large in filesize some of my vids were! :o

Let me get this one straight andrew… you’ve been able to ride a 36" BC backwards for a bit? I thought you couldn’t ride your 24" BC forwards?

Oh woops…sorry! Scratch that, I meant UW. I don’t think riding a BC with platforms on backwards for a few metres would be all that difficult though. What I want to try when I get platforms for mine is to ride along forwards, jump above the BC wheel, spin 180 degrees, land, and ride backwards. I think that’s another fun future possibility.

Robbie, I’ll try backwards BC-ing on mine next time I ride it but you’re right…I can’t go very far on the ones with pegs (mine).


Do you know how much easier it would be with platforms? Think about it… having your weight below the axle… sort of keeps the wheel underneath you…