Training Wheel Not Required : DVD Now Available

It’s been a long time coming, but I now have TWNR available and ready for shipping.


I ship internationally, and can accept credit cards, money orders, and PayPal.

You may order your copy LBM multimedia



um is the rest of the soundtrack as crappy as the trailer? jw

The music in the trailer is representative to what’s in the movie. If you aren’t into it, you aren’t into it.

What kind of question is that? you buy and watch videos to support the unicyclist community and to see what other riders are doing, not to listen to see if the music is good.


All RIGHT!! Dude, I am in. I will order tonight.



Turn the volume down then. :roll_eyes:

I have one of the pre release copies and I happen to like the music. It fits the happy good times feel of the video. The music is a perfect compliment to the riding in the video. It’s better than having edgy or angry punk style music.

The video is well done and fun to watch.

My thoughts exactly, the music is perfectly fitting in my opinion. It doesn’t look like the riders are angry and agressive when they’re being filmed so why should the music be?


If you don’t like the music, just play a CD whilst watching :wink: Sorry, that was a little 1990’s… Just play some MP3s whilst watching :wink:

Ok sorry for the HUGE bump but i just got this DVD this past weekend from Brian.

I loved it. I just finished watching all of it. Ive never seen a great video of Muni riding but Brian seems to be able to capture the moments very well. The main movie was awsome it had some good funny parts and was also one of those films that keeps your attention.

There was a huge variety in riding styles and it was all editied super well. The only thing i found that it lacked was a cool freestyle bit but thats ok cuz the rest made up for it.

The trailer doesnt do it any justice, if you havent seen it yet i highly recomend it as something for your to do list. I have a slightly biased opinion as this is the first unicycling DVD ive purchased but i give it a 9/10(only cuz theres always room for improvement).

Next on my list, Defect. Then Inner Balance!!

I just found this article after one of the kids’ mom from this weekend at Niagara Falls told me about finding it online.

anyone notice any spelling mistakes? :slight_smile:*art

Training Wheels Not Required?

By the way who is Chris Holm??:stuck_out_tongue:


Brian - Great trailer and great music!

I just put in an order but got the following error message:

[B]Parameter Error

Incorrect parameters were supplied, therefore this purchase cannot begin.

If you are attempting to purchase from a web site please contact the web site so that they can correct the error.[/B]

Clicking on the “contact the web site” link doesn’t go anywhere.


That’s strange Pat, I got the incoming order processed message from, and your order was processed, I will try to find the source of the error, but i got your money, and you movie is goig out tomorrow, thanks for your order :slight_smile:



Thanks for the prompt response Brian. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Much obliged,


I know hwat Im going to call my uni dvd when I make it



We really enjoyed the first video. I can’t wait to have the next one. Ordering it right now !!! Hope to ride with you again in near future.

Cheers - Hudson

Thanks Hudson, you will be happy to know that my favourite/cheapest unicycle accessory even makes an appearance in the movie, I love these things!

Edit: And Inner Balance won’t be out until Sept, so you will have to wait for a little while. Although, all pre-orders will receive a 25% savings…

Prompted by this thread to order a copy of TWNR. Got to the very last bit where it says something like ‘click here to inform the supplier of your order’ and it returns a 405 error, which makes a change from 404, I suppose. I’ll no doubt find out in due course whether it worked ‘behind the scenes’.

Anyone collect http errors?


Hmmm, looks like someone inadvertantly moved/renamed/or deleted the ‘order accepted’ page from the place where only I have access to. A real riddle! (but it went through and the movie will be in the post in an hour or so, thanks!!)

(this doesn’t explain the parameter error noted above though)