Training Wheel Not Required. Available for shipping Mar 1


TWNR is available to shipped out on Mar 1, 2005.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally ready to go!

I hope you enjoy it, I’ve spent a long time on it. Aound 1500 hours (after riding and filming) since Aug!

A special thanks to all the riders in it, Grassy Knoll &the Magic Bullit, and all the people who have helped out along the way.

$18us or $23cdn +shipping

I am currently only accepting Money Orders, Paypal, and Cheques.

Thanks, and enjoy

Brian MacKenzie

please email me to order: brianandleeanne at sympatico dot ca

Christmas comes early this year! :smiley:

Great bulk discount for unicycle clubs!

Looking forward to the video! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Is it a DVD Brian? And do you have any Tee shirts to match the title?

whats the run time…?

can you post a teaser trailer.?

I think he said it was 38 minutes long. There’s also a east cost muni section thats about 12+ minutes long. The best part of the movie is I’m in it. I’m doing muni so it doesnt look great (I’m not good at muni).

Main feature: 32mins
bonus feautures: 13 mins more ridng,
13 mins NYMW,
Crank shorterning 2mins,
A extra section of stuff of the Band (4 vids, slideshow)

that sounds wasome. cant wait to see this finished product. too bad i didnt get one at motorama. heard you had issues with making the copies or something. none the less the suspense will just make it better right? lol

i own the premeire copy! SWAT wins again! lol. thanks for letting me take home the first copy. i have watched it like 4 times already! good soundtrack plus the fact that im in it gives it good replay value. :slight_smile:

Believe me, this movie really is worth buying. Fantastic editing, very talented and some really unique riding, great settings.


Thanks guys, I’m glad you are diggin it!

Unfortunately, the movie failed in production again (after they gave me my timeline) so I need to send in yet another master to get stamped. I can’t say exactly when the date will be now.

I do, however, have copies remaining from the release party in London (which was a really great time!) If you are interested in buying the reasonable facsimilie of the movie (disk has label, not silkscreened) I have some available for $15CAD, $12US (+shipping) I’ll be at TOque on Saturday if you want to hunt me down and pick up a copy as well.

I think a reasonable estimate on the final product would be two weeks from now? What a pain!

Sorry for the inconvenience

Yo Brian…I’ll take one of them bootleg copies if you have any left??

thanks zod please pm me