as motorama nears, i find myself focusing on specific training routines.

what is your training routine?

here is mine

1- practice crank grabs. i find that this warms me up for hopping practice pretty well. i usually start with something i know i can do but near the boundry of what i cant do/never tried. i work on increasing my success percentage and reducing time between the grab and going to rubber.

2- hopping practice. first i do high hop. i usually start at about 22" and work up to about 26" (my limit). i work on reducing preparation hops and correction hops once ive landed it. then i work on endurance. this usually involves hopping up the amphitheatre at my school. it has maybe 20-25 steps, each about 6’ wide, with a foot of concrete making the initial step and then the remainig 5 feet before the next step grass. each step is probably 15-20" high (they vary in height). i do one hop onto the concrete step, then another onto the grass, and then up onto the next step. it is very tiring by the time i get to the top.

3- gaps. my gap distance is pitiful. my best is probably 4-5’. i work on snapping the tire and twisting 45 degrees so that i dont fold over the tire on landing. i hop at a 45 degree angle from the hopping direction to prevent the tire from folding over.

4- stillstand. this is usually incorporated into the other practice. i work on seat out and seat in still stand, between hops and just by itself.

5-control. this involves freestyle style riding with backwards. hopspins, mounts, etc. just things that will help on the trials line.

6-lines. my campus has horrible trials lines. mostly just benches and walls. there are a few lines and i practice them. i want to practice on some sandwich boards but i have none and its hard to get them since i live in a dorm and have no car.

training makes loads of difference I rode every day last summer for at least 30mins and i am loads better than every one in the club eg they are working on going backwards and i am working on gliding/1ft backwards/crank grabs ect. the only person who is better than me that go’s regularly is phil.but i would say i am better at freestyle tan him but is is far better than me at muni/trials but he has been riding half a year longer than me and is old than me and stronger so he is better a high hops ect

When it comes to training i do about 2 hours in whole of freestyle. I believe that tricks get learnt with time rather than time spent on them.
Eg yesterday i tried one footed backwards ww and it was alot better than the last time I tried it.


Re: training/practice

There’s a lot you can do with stairs.
Hop up 2 steps at a time.
Hop down 3 or 4 steps at a time seat in and out
Hop up and down with seat out
Hop up and down steps with a 180 turn thrown in once in a while
Ride down the stairs and hop back up repeatedly until your exhausted.
Still stand on each step

Because of the snow, I’ve been reduced to practicing gaps on the sidewalk. I used to consider this boring, but it’s actually a good way to practice. Since it’s safe, you can work on distance and technique.

Don’t forget drops, seat in and out.

Foot changing hop. Hop up and rotate wheel 180 while your airborne, or maybe even 360. This is useful when you can go from your weak position to strong.

This is what I’ve been doing lately. Nothing else to do. All the good lines are buried in the snow.