Training for the Nairn-Shire Challenge

I have a Duathlon in a couple of weeks, and yesterday I was out for a practice.

The event has 13 miles of hill running, and 18 miles of cycling on the road. I have done the event eight times on my bike, but this year I am competing on my KH 29".

Yesterday was my last chance to get a long run and unicycle ride in, and it went well. My route yesterday was 12 miles running and 12 miles on the unicycle. It took me 3 hours 13 minutes.

I am not a fast road unicyclist, but I am quite happy now that I will be able to compete the event. I am really looking forward to it now. A couple more runs before the event and I should be fine.


cool it sounds fun, tiring but fun. are you doing it to win or just have fun? because i doubt you could keep up with a bike for 12 miles.

Just for fun.

When I am on my bike, I normally finish between 50th to 90th out of about 560. So when I am on my unicycle, I will be well down the table this time.

I will have to go a little easier on the run this time, normally I start the cycle with tired legs, but if I am going to do 18 miles on a Unicycle with hills at the start, I will need be a bit fresher when i change from the run to the Unicycle.

I am looking forward a different way to do the event, it should be a good day.