Training for Muni weekend

After last Sunday’s big ride left me more tired that I would’ve thought, it
seemed some training prior to the Calif/Nevada Muni weekend was in order. So
last night, Brett Bymaster and I rode up the hill by my house. My son Beau came
along, first time for him. I was amazed he made it almost halfway. His
turnaround spot was after about 900’ of climbing in about 2 miles. Brett and I
continued up the hill, making the summit just before dark. It’s 4 miles one-way,
and 2100’ of climbing, mostly on a dirt fireroad. The top half is open with a
great view - the lights of Silicon Valley and all the way to San Francisco, with
the moon lighting our way as we headed back. Under the trees lower down, it was
pitch black and more challenging. Just after I jokingly told Brett, “Make sure
you don’t ride off the edge”, my wheel hit a rock. I stepped off forward, but
stumbled a little and took a second step forward…and plummeted off the trail!
I’m sliding down down down, no possibility of stopping. Getting a little
scraped, but mainly worrying about how far down I would go and what I would hit.
I finally came to a stop - it was probably only 50’ really, but in the pitch
black it seemed really far. Climbing back up took a while. Brett was relieved he
didn’t have to rescue me - of course neither of us had a light. I hadn’t even
brought a shirt let alone a light. If a unicycle had fallen instead of a person,
it would’ve been hard/impossible to recover. Brett reminded me of the time at
NUC’98 when he fell off the trail, straight into the branchs of a tree growing
out of the cliff. Unicyclists are lucky I guess.

The lesson learned from this is to avoid riding off the side of a trail, and to
be especially careful when riding at night.

See many of you soon at Lake Tahoe, Nathan

PS Next training ride is next Thurday night, same route: Email me if you’re
interested in coming.