Trainer 29"?

If I’m strictly commuting, should I go cheap and get the trainer, or should I go for the nimbus 29ers? Or even better, should I go for a Coker or titan?? I just need a bigger wheel than 24, and I’m thinking a 29er and 36ers.

Just remember, you get what you pay for. I have a Coker, and absolutely love it, it gets me where I need to go fast. At this very moment a Nimbus Nomad 29er is on its way to my door (along with other goodies:D), and thanks to the holiday sale, I bought it for cheap. The Nomad is out of stock, but there is still this. Probably not a bad bet, might be worth checking out.

Honestly, I think it looks like a solid uni. For $150, and free shipping with the promotion code I don’t think you can go wrong. The rim is probably the weak link on the uni, but the hub is solid, and can be rebuilt with another rim if it needs it at a later date.

That being said there are two things I would consider. First, I have no idea how comfortable the saddle is on that uni. It looks like a Viscount, and I’ve never used one so I can’t comment. The other is the crank length. 150 is a good length for light XC, but it’s too long in my opinion for pavement. 125’s would be a better choice, but it doesn’t look like you can substitute. It’s worth calling and asking though.

Okay, so… Now a huuuuge question I’ve been thinking about since I first started unicycling… 29er or 36er? :confused:

Is anyone close enough to you so that you can try riding both a 29 and 36, or maybe you have tried. That would be the ideal way to figure it out which you’d rather have, both are good.

Well how long is your comute? What is your budget?

How long is your commute? My commute is around four miles, and I was happy on both sizes.

They are both fun. The 36’er is much faster, but the 29er is reasonably fast. I tried commuting on a 26 and found it too slow. I went to a 29, and was happy for a long time until I got the Coker bug. The 36 was great fun, and it cut a few minutes off of my commute, but in the end I sold it. Due to family circumstances I ended up not riding it as much as I had been, and seeing it collecting dust in the garage was a downer. I plan on building up another 29 at some point. It’s a versatile size that can do a lot of things well.

They are like apples and oranges. They really don’t overlap much so the question is really more like “Which one to get first?” If you live in a really hilly area, the 29er may be the way to go, otherwise go for the 36. The 36 has a much longer learning curve, or at least it did for me. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone close to me who has a 29er or a 36er… Or any unicycle, for that matter. :frowning: Rochester’s only 3 hours away! :smiley: Hahaha. I’m hoping Ithaca would have some unicyclists, and I’d be able to meet up with one of them. But I really don’t know how to find them! Ehh. I really would love to ride a 29er and a 36er and see which one would be better in my OWN opinion. That really would be the best thing to do. :confused:

If you click the map button on the top of the page you can find a few local riders. (Most unicycle riders are not listed. You are not listed.)

why2wheels: Matt lives in Binghamton.


I’d not noticed that app - thanks. Was quite excited to find 3 people in my very local area. Unfortunately on further investigation 2 are people I know have moved away, however the 3rd is somebody I think I vaguely know (but didn’t know they rode uni).

Micah, I had both a 36 and 29 but recently sold the 36 due to not riding it as much as I’d like.
I would be happy to meet with you half way, I’m always interested in meeting other unicyclists :slight_smile: if you want to try my KH29, however, the next two weekends are too busy, sorry.
I’m thinking you probably want one before then.


I’m sorry but I’m actually in exactly the same position you are. I just started and only have a 24" but I’m thinking about upgrading for my commute. I am a student at the university, and I know that there are a lot of other students that ride UNI’s, so maybe I will be able to network enough to find someone with a big wheel. I’ll let you know if I do.