Trainer 29" Unicycle with White Impact Naomi Saddle
So I was reading the trading post guidelines and I didn’t see anything that said posting links to other selling sites (craigslist, ebay, etc) was against the rules. If in fact it is though, I do not mind taking it down. I just decided to link it instead because I can’t post pics because the dimensions are too big and I’m practically computer illiterate, alas here is a short summary of what I am selling: Selling a Trainer 29" Unicycle with a white Impact Naomi Saddle. Used it for about 6 months. Still in very good condition. Comes with a ParkTool Compact Crank Puller (CWP-7). A total value of $273.50 for $180. Seatpost size 200mm - 31" minimum inseam length.
I used the uni for about 6 months, rode with two of my friends but then they both moved for college (one in NorCal, the other in Pennsylvania). Haven’t used it in about a year and a half. And I need the money.

Posting a couple of the pics. Take that Siddhartha!

Glad I can count on you Shmolagin :wink: I am travelling and Internet access is sketchy.