Trails Unicycle

Ok, well I’ve got a Bedford 24’’ cross county and i’ve been doing trials with it, and its holding up…I was thinking of getting a trials unicycle, so i was wondering…which has the biggest bang for the buck? My range is 400-600$ shoudl i got with Kris Holm 20-inch, Onza 20-inch Trials, Semcycle Deluxe 20-inch unicycle with Monty Trials 2.5-inch tire, United 20-inch Trials with Profile hub and Kris Holm Saddle or Yuni 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub? Thanks!

alot of people prefer the kh, and onza. but if you have money for a profile setup, then definently go for it. I would go for the Yuni with profile. Profile is nice because its most definently stronger than the kh and onza hubs/cranks. plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.

the kh also comes with lifetime warranty. but profile is also good. the GB4 trials is a pretty good trials frame. I’m gonna have him build me one when i get some cash.

That is backwards. The profile hub and cranks are guaranteed for your life against failure. The KH hub and cranks are not. Both are very strong, with the edge going to the profiles on strength.

Thanks now i need money…