trails uni

i want to get a trails uni i was wodering if i should buy a cheaper one and costomise it or but a more expensive one that already has a strong enough crank and hub and stuff?

Definatley just go for the expensive one straight away.
Its cheaper then upgrading a not so good uni, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run. When you really get into trials you’ll keep breaking stuff on a not-so-good uni and keep having to upgrade it - half the time your uni is un-rideable, trust me I know from experience.
Go with something that’ll last.

Re: trails uni

I’ve counted three times you’ve called it trails. You put one off to the fact you didn’t read your submission over before you posted it, my guess is that you don’t really know. I’m sorry to say this but it seems like you don’t actually unicycle and you’re here to annoy everybody, like that guy who knew Joe Baxter. Just reading up on stuff and learning as you go to make it seem like you know a bit.

Prove me wrong, I’m very happy for you to do that.

im sorry alright next time i will read over my threads and put “TRIALS” !!! instead of trails and yes i do unicycle im working on a vid right now


Ok, it all depends on your situation. I am the person who’s parents wont spend 1 cent on my unicycling, and I couldn’t get a real job, until recently. So I had to buy a torker, and upgrade slowly, part by part by part, until I completely replaced the torker with a custom muni. It all depends on what you can afford. Buy the best thing you can afford, without spending every cent, so if you dont like something, or you want to upgrade you have the money to do so.

Poor Boy with Rich Parents Pearson.

Yah dude, read over your posts your sounding alittle naive, but yah guys, he does unicycle, not to bad either. He lives on my street.

if you buy a cheap one, it will probably come with a cotterless setup. and if you want to upgrade it, then you would have to buy a splined setup. and if you dont know how to lace a wheel yourself, then you would have to pay to get that done (and you would have to wait a while). so you would basically wind up spending more money on the crappy one than a good one. Just buy the new one.