Few random clips, little story about skinny riding.


Youtube up later today.


I liked it. Good music/riding/editing. very enjoyable :slight_smile:

Nice litle movie.

Pssst: it’s called trial btw :wink:

Peter M

nice movie !! :slight_smile: good edit and good riding:D


I loved it!

How old are you?

Also, I like your pedals. How much you want for them?

Green pedals. I want.

Saw some in a local bike shop, went to the car, got my wallet… AND POOF THEIR GONE!


I’m thinking about re-doing my frame green, so yeah, they will fit nicely.

That was really good.
I can’t criticize anything. Really good editing, music choice and riding was awesome.

You can buy Fluo green Gusset Pedals in MDC:
Gusset Fluo Colors Pedals

But they are expensive :frowning:

I liked the video… the song matches with the editing and with the riding… :smiley:

I’m seriously thinking in calling out someone in Trials for my next video…

Danni i’m not far away from you :smiley: I’m hopping 93 centimeters now… But you still better than me ! I suck in some very technical stuff!


Nice video, but what the HECK is up with he volume? It can’t be adjusted at all it’s at full volume! I can move the little volume indicator at the bottom right of the video, but it does nothing! This is no problem on youtube, google or any other online videos.

Can you not see the volume button? Or is there just something wrong with your computer?

hey, unicycleDOOD! I said I tried to adjust it. (See pic below, I circled it just for you!) I also said that it was NOT responding to adjustment, even though I could drag the little bars up and down. And it’s definitely NOT my computer since I have no problem adjusting volume on youtube, google or any other online videos. Now I also know that you may not have an answer since I doubt that you work for vimeo, lol, but I just wanted to mention it anyway to see if anyone else was having the same problem. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for all the comments. I’m glad you enjoyed.

As for the green pedals, they are not made in that color anymore. Each year Hoffman bikes picks a new set of colors for that year’s line. These are 07 pedals.

Emile, I’m suprised you liked it:)

For all you youtube people,

Just make sure before playing it to go to the box right below the video that has ratings and views and look to the right for a little TV. Click it, and change the quality to high. Quality isn’t all that bad if you do that.

Awesome riding, I really enjoyed this.

Vimeo is releasing a new version of their player soon and it will fix the volume bug. It wasn’t always an issue for me - it just popped up. Even so, vimeo is a hundred times better than the competition (youtube, google).

Well, maybe not 100 times, lol. Plus, I don’t really want to stop using youtube as my primary upload source since it still has infinitley more viewers than vimeo, and it would take me forever to get up to the 107,000 youtube views I currently have!:smiley:

So if you want to be seen by the most potential viewers, Youtube is the way to go; it has vastly more views on a daily basis-any basis- than vimeo, google and all other online video steams combined! In short, I’m in it to get the most views, therefore the most exposure to possible MEDIA opportunites! :slight_smile: Has worked pretty good so far!

<YouTube gets/creates 4.2 million “viewer hours” per day>

Nice Max. I liked the song alot, and that was an insane gap at the beginning. Sick riding.


Thanks Seamus.

Hopefully vids in the future will have higher skinny riding/gapping after this.

If you keep this up, you will be amazing when you’re 18. Way cool.

If you are in it for marketing and networking then I agree, youtube is where you want to be since so many people use it.

If you are in it for quality then vimeo is the way to go.