Trails around Big Sur, California?

I’m going camping in the redwoods at Big Sur (South of Monterey) for a week and am bringing my muni and was wondering if anyone had experience with this area with regards to trails. Tips are greatly appreciated.

I haven’t ridden there but I have looked into this question before. If I recall correctly, right around Big Sur there isn’t a whole lot of legal real MUni, but there are some Coker MUni options on the Old Coast Road and Coast Ridge Road.

Go 36er muni on one of the old roads Tholub mentioned, then take a nice long hike in Ventana or go out to the coast and hike along the shore. It really isn’t an off road riding oriented place.

Are you flying or driving? If you’re driving, you should do some riding in the Sierras as you pass through.

I’m[RIGHT][/RIGHT]not driving, well maybe, we’re going as a family so i dont know about the sierras but the idea of the coastline roads sound good. Im also sure that there are hiking trails around there.
THanks for your replies